Friday, August 29, 2014

Movie Round-Up 8/29/14: The End

This is probably the last movie round-up for a while.  With the FXX Simpsons marathon since last Thursday I haven't watched many movies, so you won't be overwhelmed.

Transcendence:  First off it's funny that apparently WB was pretty lazy with the Blu-Ray (at least the rental version) in just taking the previews off the film version.  So it still lists Jupiter Ascending as coming out July 18 when it was pushed back to February and has dates for Edge of Tomorrow and Godzilla in June & May respectively, despite that the Blu-Ray came out in August!  Anyway, the movie was OK.  It's kind of annoying that it starts with the end first, because it really spoils the ending.  I mean if you know the world is going to end up like that Revolution show, it kind of ruins the suspense.  Also there's some Biblical sexism involved in that it's a woman (named EVElyn even) who ends up saving her husband's brain as a computer and in the end leading to the destruction of the world.  You might want to think of this as a primer for the next Avengers movie as it's kind of similar premise in an AI going online and taking stuff over. (And there's a certain irony to Paul Bettany trying to stop the AI as he plays Jarvis and now Vision in the Marvel universe.)  There's a slight twist at the end, but it doesn't really save this from not being all that exciting. (2.5/5)

Filth:  It starts out like Training Day meets House of Cards and then gets progressively weirder.  James McAvoy (aka new Professor X) is a Scottish detective who is a bad cop.  While attempting to solve a murder he's also taking time to try to destroy his co-workers so he can get a promotion.  As I said then it starts to get weirder as his sanity begins to spiral out of control:  he sees animal heads on people, hallucinates meetings with a shrink, and then things take a Crying Game turn.  So you probably won't enjoy this movie.  I thought it was OK, though that night it gave me weird dreams, so probably not good to watch it just before bed. (2.5/5)

Bonus for late readers:
Locke:  This is I guess what you could consider a "ticking clock" movie.  Tom Hardy plays a British guy who's driving from somewhere in northern England to London.  The whole movie is literally him on the phone to various people while on the highway; he is the only character actually shown on screen.  There's no real mystery about what he's doing:  he knocked up some older woman in London and miraculously she got pregnant and so he's doing the "right thing" by going to be there.  But of course she goes into labor on the night before a really important thing involving pouring concrete.  He has to deal with the woman going into labor, the concrete job, and his wife, none of whom are happy with him.  It's obviously not the most exciting movie ever, but it does a good job at really bringing the scenario to life.  You really feel like you understand Locke and what makes him tick by the end.  And there's a nice Dark Knight Rises reference when he says how he would have liked to break his drunken father's back. (4/5)

By the way, here's a note about my Girl Power stories.  This character:
Is no longer Velocity Girl.  I had to rename her Velocity Gal because this bozo emailed me the other day and demanded I change it because he self-published some lame books using a character called Velocity Girl back in like 2009.  Then he was lecturing me about how I should have checked Google and Yahoo! because his listing is so strong...that he doesn't turn up in the first 20 pages on Google.  It's all about an indie rock band and a Snow Patrol song.  I looked up his books on Amazon.  He only has a print version and the only sales ranking for any of them is like 13 million-plus.  My Girl Power paperback is 5 million-plus, so there.  I don't feel like legal battles now, so I just changed it.  Give the stupid baby his bottle.  Though as I pointed out, I didn't go bitch about "copyright infringement" when someone else created a superhero called the Scarlet Knight after I did.  I mean, come on, if I had called her the Flash or Quicksilver that'd be one thing, but some obscure book that's sold like 1 copy?  Gimme a break.  From looking on Google I guess Velocity Gal is a horse in Australia; I hope the horse doesn't threaten me now.

And just for the hell of it, here's the results from my erotica experiment so far:

Transformed Into… Sales Unlimited/Borrows Total Starting Date
1 A Little Girl 53 17 70 7/1/2014
2 A Schoolgirl 49 11 60 7/10/2014
3 A Whore 37 13 50 7/14/2014
4 A Geek Girl 19 10 29 7/21/2014
5 ADominatrix 17 10 27 7/28/2014
6 A Goth Girl 37 14 51 8/4/2014
7 A Fat Girl 13 5 18 8/12/2014
8 A MILF 19 14 33 8/14/2014
9 A Bimbo 10 7 17 8/21/2014
10 A Cougar 7 9 16 8/25/2014

261 110 371

I don't know if there's really a pattern to that or anything.  I guess so far the Kindle Unlimited has been a good thing for me, though just how good I suppose will have to wait until I actually get the money from Amazon.


  1. Velocity Gal it is! Glad Kindle Unlimited is working out Pat!

  2. I don't think Australian horses are as litigious as American horses.

  3. Congrats on the erotica sales. I got a notice from Amazon the other day that I had some money they were sending over. I sure did - $.69. With that I could buy, well, a water transfer tatoo from that machine at the grocery store. Or maybe a pack of ramen.

    Anyway, you actually finish stories and post them and all that. I just like to complain mostly. That takes up most of my creative energy.

  4. It's kind of creepy that your sales seem to go up as the main character is transformed into a younger person.

    I am not 100% sure you can copyright a character's name. Way back when I reviewed a case between Neil Gaiman and Todd MacFarlane over two similar Spawn characters:

    But that case was primarily over similarities between the characters and not necessarily just the names or their powers. I suspect that a superfast girl isn't a copyrightable character, although a superfast girl named "Velocity Girl" might come a little closer But in changing the name, you did what I advise many a client to do: consider whether it's worth the fight.

  5. I wonder if you'd still like Locke knowing I did as well...



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