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Bot Picks 7: Superhero Trivia Question #2

From June 13, 2012
(BTW, the answers are Hawkman & Hawkgirl(woman))

1,001 Comic Book Trivia Questions (Revised Edition) 
It's the second Wednesday of the month and so today is the superhero trivia question.  I'm taking these from 1001 Comic Book Trivia Questions by Rich Meyer.  I'm not sure how great it is, but it was cheap and available for my Kindle.  Anyway, if you have a problem with the question or answer, it's his fault.

Without further adieu, here's the question:

"The shape-changing alien Byth was the first menace from which a pair of alien police officers defended the Earth.  What were their names?"

Answer in the comments.  First one to get it right gets a $5 gift card to Amazon in their email or Facebook.  (Again, I'm not mailing a $5 gift card.  I'm not sure Amazon would even let you do that.)

If you aren't first, never fear!  One respondent will be selected by random number generator to receive a $1 gift card.  Yes, you can give $1 gift cards.  Buy yourself a cheap eBook or MP3 or use it to get a dollar off something else.  The winner for this will be announced tomorrow.  The same person cannot win both gift cards because while that would be more convenient for me it wouldn't really be fair for everyone else.

Also I've decided on what I call the "Andrew Leon Rule" where the same person cannot win the trivia question each month.  So if you win this month you won't be eligible to win the $5 for another 3 months (until September).  But you can still win the $1 participation prize.  Andrew Leon is already disqualified this month for winning May's question.

Good luck!!!

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Bot Picks 8: BIG Announcement

From October 26, 2012 (The links probably don't work for this book.  You can get my stories from it on Amazon)

I've tangentially mentioned that I've been working on a project with Neil Vogler for the last month or so now.  By this point he's probably announced we're doing something called the Flash Fiction Festival in conjunction with December House Publishing.

As the name implies it's four weeks in November with flash fiction every weekday from Me, Neil, and Sean Craven.  That's over 60 stories in all!  They cover all sorts of stuff.  I'm just going to tease the ones I did:

  1. An intergalactic Gordon Ramsey takes on his newest project
  2. A shocker in the Fantasy Love League
  3. The city's best noir accountant gets a new client
  4. The frustrations of being a female yeoman on an Enterprise-type ship
  5. A soldier tries to make it back for one last dance
  6. A bulldog mascot helps someone find true love
  7. Time travel gets dangerous for a conman
  8. A meeting of supervillains turns deadly
  9. The dead have rent videotapes?
  10. A vampire has had enough of the stereotypes
  11. A story of boy meets girl...but the girl is a dragon!
  12. On a planet of robots, one dreams of becoming a Transformer, with disastrous consequences
  13. A trip to the dentist turns deadly!
  14. A pair of socks hold the key to the Sox making the playoffs
  15. Godzilla goes on vacation to Japan
  16. A young goddess combats bullying
  17. Fairy tale land's best divorce lawyer takes on a new client
  18. Christmas brings together two warring sides during WWII
  19. A man sick of sharing his birthday with the JFK assassination takes drastic steps
  20. God decides to finally retire
  21. Two young witches are brought together to fight evil
  22. Timeless love and reincarnation at Starbucks
(BTW, it turns out only 20 of these will be posted in November.  I don't know which 2 are being dropped from the rotation.  Those two, plus one other I haven't written yet will be included in the eBook version as "bonus" material.)
Meanwhile, on this blog I'll have a whole prequel series of Scarlet Knight flash fiction!  Kind of like those old serials, it's a series of short connected stories that tell how the Scarlet Knight and Black Dragoon came to be.

The "Volume 0" is inspired by DC Comics, who have twice printed #0 prequel issues for like all their titles.  Since this is before Volume 1, it's Volume 0!  Wow.

BTW, I know people hate Sims so here's the prototype cover with real people:
Maybe that would have looked better if I'd cleaned it up a little, but it would have cost me like $13 to buy the images.  Nuts to that.  Say what you want, but Sims are FREE!

Anyway, if you're looking for a break from Nano writing and people blathering about Nano writing, there's going to be a ton of flash fiction to read every weekday in November!

You might wonder:  how does that affect this blog?  Excellent question!  The trivia question will air at its normal time--November 14 at 9am EST.  The rest of the normal stuff--Two-Fer Tuesday, Phony Photos, Comic Captions, Practical Superheroism, Everyday Heroes, Thursday Reviews--will go on hiatus until December.  I'm sure you'll miss them as much as I do.

BTW, if you want my "autograph" or virtual autograph really, you can now go to Kindlegraph and request one from Yours Truly.  Exciting stuff!

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Bot Picks 9: A to Z Challenge 26: Zaftig Girls

From April 30, 2015:

I was kind of flummoxed for a Z word.  I mean it's not like I wrote Transformed Into a Zebra...yet.  Or Transformed Into a Zookeeper!  Transformed Into a Zombie!  That has some potential.  Transformed on a Zeppelin! The sky's the limit there...or not.

I was looking up words in the dictionary and came across zaftig, which means fat.  I just so happen to have a book called Transformed Into a Fat Girl.  This was one of my wackier ideas.  I had heard about "chubby chasers" and so thought maybe there'd be some interest in a gender swap book with fat girls.  Yeah, not so much.  Despite that, I think these are two pretty good stories!

The first story was actually the second one I wrote.  I decided since it was shorter to put it first so as not to bore the audience too much.  It's about a male fashion critic during Fashion Week who laments how there's just no hot girls to be had anymore!  A woman asks him about his perfect woman and he describes her only to look in the mirror and see he's become her!

At first he thinks it's really awesome to be a supermodel.  And why not?  He's hot, got an awesome apartment, and a sexy professional baseball player boyfriend.  But the next morning he wakes up carrying a few extra pounds.  The next day it's even worse...and so on.  Sort of like that Stephen King story/movie Thinner--only the opposite.

The second story takes more of a sci-fi tack.  In the near future if you have enough money you can transfer your brain into another body.  An old widower has scrimped and saved to get his brain put into a sexy young body.  Except something goes wrong during the surgery and he ends up waking up as a chubby young woman!  Another chubby young woman helps him to adjust to his new life, but when memories from his new body's past start surfacing, it means that mayhem is about to ensue!  Did you ever see "Idle Hands?"  It's sorta like that, only less Jessica Alba and Seth Green.

Obviously this hasn't done well enough to warrant a sequel.  Erotica buyers are so fucking shallow.

You can buy it for $2.99 on Amazon.

Well, that's the whole show.  Anyone who read all 26 entries (besides me) and still visits this blog is a saint in my book.  Now we can get back to the usual schedule of blogging about...whatever.  It was kind of easier this month since I didn't have to keep thinking of random stuff.  I work better with a theme, as this month should have demonstrated not only with blogs, but also with books.

And for all of you whining about how hard this was, I finished on March 27!  Really, write your entries in advance.  I don't give a shit if some dork says it's "cheating."  It's not cheating; it's smart.  I always write blog entries ahead of time, so why would I stop now?  Duh.  But then not everyone is unemployed and has no family or social life to bother them.  I feel your pain.

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Bot Picks 10: Thursday Review: Batman Knightfall

From August 2, 2012:

By now you've probably already seen The Dark Knight Rises and you've maybe even read my review of it.  So now I think I can talk about the story that at least partially inspired the movie without feeling like I'm "spoiling" things for people.  Though really when I talk about the Knightfall comic book series I might mush it together with the novelization I actually read first.  There are some things in the novelization not in the comics and vice versa.

Anyway, even though until 1993 or so I'd read exactly one Batman comic in my life (it was this one where he fights some hockey player guy; somehow a tattered copy of it ended up in my closet along with part of a '60s Superman comic where he goes back in time somehow) for some reason I became obsessed with the Knightfall story.  Not obsessed enough to actually BUY any comics.  I mean back then I was like 14 and the only money I had came from mowing my grandma's yard (10 big ones!) or if I embezzled my lunch money, which was maybe another $5.

Which actually makes me wonder where the hell I'd even heard what was going on in Batman comics in the first place.  I mean this was before Al Gore had invented the World Wide Web so I couldn't even go to Wikipedia and read about it.  It was probably from going to Waldenbooks (remember when that was a thing?) or the used book store.  Though now that I think of it, I remember they ran a story on it on "Today" back when I still watched that on occasion.  That might have been what got me started.

Anyway, I think what fascinated me was the idea of the hero LOSING.  And not losing because he sacrifices himself to save a bunch of people or something like that but losing because the bad guy actually outthinks and outmuscles him.  In other words, the bad guy actually bests Batman.

So when I got around to reading the novelization (I realized later the writing is crap but the story is good), I fell in love with it even more.  The basic story goes that in this crappy Latin American island prison called Santa Prisca is this guy named Bane.  He breaks out of prison and goes up to Gotham.  He finds out from his minions (three dudes with goofy names:  Bird, Trogg, and Zombie) that Batman is all the shit in Gotham.  Bane does a little studying on the Batman and comes up with a brilliant way to destroy Batman.  [Incidentally, the full backstory of Bane is in the "Vengeance of Bane" comic that I'll review in a couple of weeks.  Because I can.]

The first thing he does is stage a raid on Arkham Asylum where most of Batman's old foes are: the Joker, Two-Face, the Riddler, and so forth.  (But not the Penguin, who was in Blackgate Prison I guess.)  Batman manages to catch a few of the crazies during the raid but the worst ones get free.

So now Batman has to go around chasing after all these bad guys at the same time.  Needless to say this gets pretty tiring.  After one of these battles, Bane watches the Batmobile and figures out which neighborhood it's going to.  Then he deduces that Bruce Wayne is the Batman.

From there he busts his way into the Batcave, where Bruce was trying in vain to get a little shut eye.  There's a somewhat anticlimactic battle between them, where Bane just whoops the hell out of Batman.  Finally, he lifts Batman up and then brings him down over his knee, breaking Batman's back.  In the novelization it says at the last second Batman is able to turn a little so his spine isn't like completely severed.

To add insult to injury, Bane takes Batman into Gotham and then chucks him into a crowd or something.  In the novelization it's kind of funny because he takes Batman to this street corner where there's only one old lady who witnesses him declaring himself the king of Gotham.

So there you go, our hero has lost.  Batman is defeated, and pretty handily too.  Of course like many comic book villains before him, Bane made the mistake of leaving Bruce Wayne alive instead of just killing him.  I mean it probably would have gone differently if he had killed Bruce before he could tap a successor.

Probably the biggest contrivance in this whole storyline is that Bruce doesn't tap Dick Grayson (Nightwing, formerly original Robin) to replace him.  Instead he picks this Jean-Paul Valley guy, who was an assassin known as Azrael.  [I'll talk more about him in 3 weeks.  Again, because I can.]

Anyway, so Jean-Paul becomes the new Batman.  He has problems like he doesn't know how to drive well, he hates Robin (score one for him!), and he struggles with Batman's whole not killing thing since Azrael was an assassin who obviously killed people.  Also when he tangles with the Scarecrow and gets a whiff of fear gas he starts to go nuts, thinking he hears this phony St. Dumas (the patron saint of the Azrael people) talking to him.

But thanks to going crazy he designs a new Batsuit that is wicked cool.  I have him standing right on my desk as I'm typing this.  The new Batsuit was designed more like the Azrael suit, which is more armor-y or kind of robotic-looking.  It has these cool dart guns and even flamethrowers.  Yes, flamethrowers!  Instead of a cape he has all these kind of partitions that form wings.  The problem at least with the new Batsuit (AzBats as some people call it) is that it's really top heavy.  To get him to stand on a stand I took from the Nite Owl II Watchmen figure I bought I have to bend his knees to give him more balance.

And here reenacting Knightfall are my Batman action figures.  You have old Bruce Wayne Batman on the ground with Bane standing over him.  To the left is the new Batsuit Jean-Paul designs.  This was the latest (and most accurate) figure.  To the right are two older versions of AzBats that I bought at some point.  The little blue one I got in about 1996 as part of a Legends of Batman two-pack along with Viking Batman (not pictured).  The red one was part of some set I bought online that included the old Batman on the ground there, regular Superman, and "Superman Red" which was part of a cheesy late 90s plot where Superman was some kind of energy being.  Anyway, the AzBats figure in that set actually had a blackish cape and head, which made no sense since that was never how it was depicted in the comics.  So I repainted it red, which sort of matches how he looks at the end of the Knightsend series.  Also, for the Bane figure I bought a Legends of the Dark Knight version from the mid-90s but the head was really stupid-looking (it had long hair and the mask didn't look right) so I chopped off his head and then online I found a replacement head from the newer figure (in the same set as the AzBats on the left) that you could only get complete if you bought all six figures in that set, which would have been a lot more expensive.  His pants should really be black and the tubes bright green but the hell with that.  So that should give you an idea how deep my obsession with this is.

Anyway, with his kickass new suit, AzBats goes out looking for Bane, even though Bruce Wayne told him not to.  There's a climactic fight, where of course the new Batman wins.  Hooray!

Except you know that Jean-Paul's reign couldn't last.  I mean they made the dude crazy and gave him a French name.  So they pretty much set him up for failure right there.

Anyway (yet again) I loved this storyline.  As I said at the beginning, I think it was a different way to look at things.  Also, though, Bane was a great villain in the comics.  He was not only really strong but he was smart too.  One of the many things that disappointed me with "Batman & Robin" was that they made Bane this idiot henchman for Poison Ivy.  I suppose a lot of the problem was being super strong it was hard in 1997 to cast someone who could look the part.  (That and Joel Schumacher is a moron.)  I mean back then if you wanted someone with lots of muscles they couldn't really act.  (See Bane's co-star Ahhh-nold Schwarzenegger for an example.  Or Lou Ferigno in "The Incredible Hulk.")  Of course nowadays with computers you can make a regular-sized guy look huge, which is how Mark Ruffalo can be the Hulk in "The Avengers."  At least in "The Dark Knight Rises" Bane gets his balls back, even if you can only understand half of what he's saying.

If you ever buy the paperback reprints of the series (I had to buy at least one used because it was out of stock or just really expensive on Amazon) it comes in two volumes.  The first volume deals with Bruce Wayne being broken and the second volume deals with Jean-Paul kicking Bane's ass.  What sucks though in volume 2 is a sizable chunk of it is actually a flashback to when Bruce's Batman fought Two-Face.  That seemed kind of dumb; why didn't they just put that in volume 1?  I think too the story in the comics might not have been quite as epic as I'd built it up to be in my own brain, but it still makes for fun reading.

And you know if you just saw the movie, you might want to see how the original went, right?

If I ever publish the entire Scarlet Knight series, the sixth story (which incidentally is my favorite) is largely inspired by Knightfall.  Part of it is set in an alternate future where an aging Emma gets whupped on by a new breed of Black Dragoons.  One of them severs her spine so that she's left paralyzed.  Her daughter Louise then hears "the Call" to become the next Scarlet Knight and like Jean-Paul she struggles with the superhero gig and her predecessor's legacy.  Though unlike him she isn't crazy, so she's got that going for her.  Maybe its close relation to Knightfall is why I like it?  Hurm...

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Bot Picks 11: A Spooky Halloween Post

From Halloween 2012:

I got lucky that Halloween falls on a fifth Wednesday this year, which means yet another random entry that I wrote months earlier.  (Seriously, I wrote this back in July!)

Anyway, Halloween is when we talk about what scares us, so I decided to talk about something that creeps me out and also relates to the blog theme:  comic book covers.  That's right, comic book covers can freak me right the hell out.  Embarrassing, no?

For the record I'm not talking about ALL comic book covers.  Most are pretty benign.  I mean it's not like I run screaming if I see an Archie comic or something.  There have just been some that have freaked out.

The first one I can remember that got under my skin was back in probably the mid-80s.  I'm not sure what title it was, maybe the Justice League or something.  Anyway, it involved Batman, Superman, etc. and they were in Africa where there were all these starving people (this was during that "We Are the World" period when we actually cared about people dying over there) and Lex Luthor (or someone like that) was saying something like, "Ha ha ha, not even YOU can save them." (BTW, if anyone knows what comic that was that would be cool to know. I obviously can't type a vague description into Google and hope to find anything.)

In this case it wasn't really the actual artwork that bugged me but the underlying concept behind it that some problems were too big even for superheroes.  I mean I was probably about 8 years old at the time, so I hadn't really ever thought about that.  You know like any white kid out in the suburbs I had to that point been pretty sheltered.

Now if you think this effected some great change in my life, you would be mistaken.  I mean it sure as hell didn't get me to stop eating.  Or maybe I just ate more so I wouldn't end up like those people.  Yeah, there you go.

I think overall the biggest culprit of freaky comic book covers was also my favorite hero:  Batman.  In large part because when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s there was a tendency to draw Batman on the cover looking positively demonic.  From what I read on Tony Laplume's blog, I guess this Kelley Jones guy was behind that.  Thanks for giving me nightmares, Kelley, you jerk.  Here's just one example from the Knightfall storyline:

When I actually read that comic it reminded me of something from Michael Chabon's Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, where he talks about a kid looking at a comic book and being enticed by the cover, despite that he knows the story inside will bear little resemblance to that cover.  This is because most covers are done by another artist, who isn't involved with the actual creation of the story.

In this case you look at the cover and you see a very evil-looking Batman about to kill some guy.  In the story inside it's not so dramatic.  Batman (Jean-Paul Valley at this point) does beat some guys up but it doesn't look so evil.  For one thing he has a hammer in the comic, not a board with nails in it.  I'm just saying.

A few issues later then we have this:

From that you assume Bruce Wayne is going to be killed by Batman!  Well, that doesn't really happen either.  Bruce does surprise Jean-Paul in the Batcave but there's not really a fight or anything.  But I guess the point is to make you want to see what's inside, right?

I think for the most part what made Batman look so scary in these is how first they make his costume black (when it was really blue) and they extend the bat ears so they look like horns.  You know, devil horns.  That's definitely not someone I want to meet in a dark alley, I tell you whut.

The champion of all scary Batman covers (to me) was this one:

I first saw that in a comic book store like 15 years or so ago.  Not as a cover, but as a big-ass promotional poster on the wall.  So it was kind of hard not to notice it.  There was a slogan on it too, "He's Become What He Hates Most...A Vampire."  Something like that.  I suppose that only added to the freakiness for me.  I mean do you want that thing coming in through your window to suck your blood?  Yipes!

When I started buying some Batman graphic novels, I did actually buy this one.  I think I was trying to face my fears.  Plus the idea of Batman fighting Dracula and becoming a vampire was kind of neat.  Anyway, I failed in facing my fears, at least partially.  I did read the book, but the thought of actually TOUCHING the book gave me the willies, so I decided on an ingenious solution:  I put on a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves.  It made turning the pages a little awkward at times but at least I had a barrier between me and it.  I also read it on the floor so it wouldn't be touching any part of me.  (Hmmmm, I should probably tell that to a shrink.)  That was only a year or two ago, so it's still a problem.  I don't even like to THINK about it sitting on my bookshelf, as if it'll suddenly come to life or something.

Though this doesn't happen nearly as often now.  One reason is I don't SEE many comic book covers these days.  I don't go into comic book stores and only rarely do I go to bookstores where those would be.  The other is especially with Batman they got away from that style for the most part.  On occasion though they slip a creepy one in there:

Before you think I'm too much of a wuss, I can watch like "The Human Centipede" or "Nightmare on Elm Street" at night and it doesn't bother me all.  I've buried a whole pet cemetery's worth of dead animals.  So I'm not a total wuss, just a big wuss.  But even tough guys like Indiana Jones are scared of something, right?

Happy Halloween!

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Bot Picks 12: Behind The Female Protagonist: Guest Post by Melissa Foster

From May 21, 2012:

Today I'm hosting Melissa Foster, bestselling author of Megan's Way, Chasing Amanda, and Come Back to Me, as part of her blog tour.  About all Melissa's books and mine have in common is featuring a female lead character, so that's what she's going to talk about today.

Behind The Female Protagonist, by Melissa Foster

Everyone loves a strong heroine. A woman who can take down the bad guy and look sexy while she’s doing it is even better. Add a sprinkle of vulnerability and a few layers of complexity, and there you have the perfect female protagonist.  As writers, we have the privilege of making our characters anything we want them to be. This is exciting, but also a big responsibility. Below are a few ideas for creating strong female protagonists.

All characters need to evolve as the story progresses. Allow your readers to bond with the softer side of your heroine, let them see her vulnerabilities, let them buy into her weaknesses so they can root for her strength later in the story.

Give your heroine plenty of stumbling blocks. Something as challenging as a specific weakness that she needs to overcome in order to build her strength enough to conquer the enemy is a powerful writer’s tool.  Build slowly, finish hard.

Some worry that a woman shouldn’t be stronger than a male would be in the same role. While I don’t buy into that, I do believe that even while your heroine is beating the heck out of the bad guy, she needs to still be feminine. Be careful not to make her so strong that she becomes male in the reader’s eye. She needs to remain female in the descriptions of fights, chases, or emotionally draining experiences. Women have different body shapes and types then men, they get injured in ways men do not. Keep that in mind so your heroine remains female in the reader’s mind.

Female heroines are all the rave—we women want to live in a fantasy world when we read. We experience real life, we live with fear of rapists and getting into circumstances that challenge our safety. Let us live through your powerful yet sexy heroine. We can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, we can see a bad guy and kick them in their can!

What do you find is the most critical issue when developing a strong female protagonist? As a reader, what is most compelling about female protagonists?

Melissa Foster is the award-winning author of three International bestselling novels, Megan's Way, Chasing Amanda, and Come Back to Me. She has also been published in Indie Chicks, an anthology. Melissa is on the advisory board for the Alliance of Independent Authors and is a touchstone in the indie publishing arena. When she’s not writing, Melissa teaches authors how to navigate the book marketing world, build their platforms, and leverage the power of social media, through her author-training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa is the founder of the World Literary Café, Fostering Success, and the Women’s Nest. She has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine. Melissa is currently collaborating on the film adaption of Megan’s Way.

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children, she's written for Calgary's Child Magazine and Women Business Owners Magazine, and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa lives in Maryland with her family. Melissa's interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping women see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Twitter: @Melissa_Foster
The Women’s Nest, women’s social network:
World Literary Café:
Facebook Melissa Foster: (Fanpage)

Find her books on Amazon:

Thanks to Melissa for including me on her blog tour!  

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Bot Picks 13: A to Z Challenge 7: Goth Girls

From April 8, 2015 (The first Goth Girl book is permafree now!)

My fascination with Goth girls I guess began with the fifth Tales of the Scarlet Knight book, Betrayal Begets Blood.  In that Agnes the witch is transported into an alternate universe where instead of a witch, she's a fat teenager with purple hair who's into all that fake witchcraft stuff.  Then in Girl Power when the Batman character becomes a teenage girl, he's given a makeover into a sort-of Goth girl, kind of mocking that whole "creature of the night" Batman thing.
So it was only natural I guess I'd dedicate one of my Transformed books to Goth Girls.  I said in a previous post that I think it's my favorite of the series and it totally is!  The first story is called "Graveyard Girls," which comes from a song:

In this case there's a band called the Graveyard Girls and when a guy listens to their record, he turns into a Goth girl!  He hooks up with another Goth girl to try to track the lead singer of the band down.

At the end of that story they visit a Goth bar that is the setting for the second story.  In that story a guy tries to convince the owner of the bar to sell out to him, but instead she turns him into a young woman who's to become her new bartender.  Mayhem ensues!

This is one of those that I wish had done better sales-wise.  I guess for purely sentimental reasons I decided to write a sequel.  I think it features my most innovative cover to date:
See how I tried to make it look sorta like a tattoo? Awesomesauce!

The first story of this is another of my black comedies.  A nerdy Goth guy is tired of being alone and reads an article about how to fashion a golem out of mud and bring it to life.  So he designs his perfect girl in the mud--only for it to come to life with the spirit of his mortal enemy, a jock guy who bullies him at school!  See the jock died in a car wreck at like the precise moment the golem was being brought to life so it used his soul.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Obviously mayhem ensues.

The second story kind of misfired.  It's sort of a ghost story in that there's a ghost who appears at this Minnesota lake every 100 years.  Two college kids are determined to film the ghost but when the guy tries to touch the ghost he's pulled into the water and emerges as a girl!  The problem here is that it takes the whole story for him to actually become a Goth girl.  Maybe you would appreciate that slow build or probably not.  It's the kind of story that was probably better in concept than in execution.  Not that it's terrible; it just didn't work out how I planned.

But hey that first one is really good even if my descriptions kind of suck.  Go buy them for $2.99 apiece on Amazon, I command you!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Bot Picks 14: Sims I Like: White Trash Bimbo

From September 2, 2016:

I have two Transformed Into a Bimbo books, but the bimbo I created for this entry was designed for Gender Swapped By Aliens, a goofy story I wrote with my other alias.  As you might guess, there are aliens and they gender swap a guy.  Their way to "invade" is to warp reality so that the whole planet thinks the aliens have always been their masters.  Except there's one guy who does still remember and so they keep warping his reality in the hope he'll finally forget.

At one point he becomes a bimbo secretary to a real jerk of a boss.  Since the guy used to be a shrink it was kind of a role-reversal thing besides gender swapping.

I thought this hairstyle was pretty neat for the character; it makes me think of a go-go dancer or something.  She has a really good white trash look with the tube top tied at the side and the Daisy Dukes.  The prominent crucifix is kind of ironic too, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bot Picks 15: Sims I Like: Anime Babe

From October 14, 2016:
In the forthcoming Transformed for Halloween 3, three frat brothers are haunted by the spirit of the girl they left to die a year earlier.  Each one becomes their sexual fantasy and is then murdered, sort of Nightmare on Elm Street-style.  A nerd named Melvin's fantasy is the star of a Japanese anime series that's loosely based on Sailor Moon.

The top is a Sailor Moon top I downloaded, as are the boots and skirt.  The hair was probably from a different anime show, but whatever.  I thought the purple would be fun for the hair.  I tried to make the eyes as big and round as possible, but they aren't exactly like anime characters.  And here's just a funny pose I captured:

Monday, November 26, 2018

Bot Picks 16: On the Twelfth Day of Indie Bookmas...Christmas on the Corner by Andrew Leon

From Christmas Day 2016:

Christmas is the time to bury the hatchet and make peace and whatnot, so for the twelfth day of Indie Bookmas it's that indie book Scrooge, Andrew Leon

It's been a hard adjustment for the Howard children, moving to Louisiana. Finding out that one of them is the Guardian, one of them is a wizard, and that one of them... is angry, because he doesn't posses the same talents and gifts as his siblings. In revenge, he tells his sister that there is no Santa Claus, but in a house where anything you can imagine can become real, it turns out to have unexpected results.

Buy it for $2.99 on Amazon or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

By the way, here was my XMas Playlist this year on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and DVD:

  • All I Want for Christmas (1991)
  • A Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Ernest Saves Christmas
  • The Santa Clause
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (MST3K version)
  • The Ref
  • Home Alone
  • Home Alone 2
  • Miracle on 34th Street (1995)
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Hogfather
  • Bad Santa
  • A Christmas Story
And I also watched XMas specials for:
  • American Dad
  • Futurama
  • Bojack Horseman
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Supermansion
  • Robot Chicken
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Rick Steves' Christmas in Europe


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