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Character Bios

Want to know more about the characters of Tales of the Scarlet Knight?  Here you go:

Dr. Emma Earl:  From when she potty-trained herself at nine months old, everyone's known Emma Earl was a genius. Already more literate than many adults by the time she entered kindergarten, a visit to the Plaine Museum of Natural History prompted her to dedicate herself to becoming a scientist at the museum.  After her parents were brutally murdered, working at the Plaine Museum was Emma's only remaining dream.  She dedicated herself completely to that purpose, graduating from high school by the time she was fourteen and finally earning her doctorate at nineteen.  Her dream was finally realized when she was hired by the Plaine Museum to work in the geology department.  But her dream came with a price:  she spent the majority of her childhood isolated and outcast from the other kids around her, so that she's extremely shy, though as many bullies have found out first-hand, that doesn't mean she's a pushover either.

Becky Beech:  Emma's best friend since they met in kindergarten, they grew up in completely different environments.  Where Emma was the only child of loving parents, Becky shared a trailer with three sisters and an alcoholic mother who was physically and emotionally abusive.  Despite all that, Becky survived with the only visible scar being the extra weight she carries around from overeating.  The emotional toll of her upbringing has kept her from making a lot of close friends.  She and Emma remained best friends even after Emma left for college.  In Emma's absence, Becky graduated high school and began working on a college degree in political science.  She hopes that by getting involved in politics she can help make the world a better place.

Dr. Dan Dreyfus:  The son of one of Rampart City's wealthiest citizens, Dan was always more interested in science than money.  His stepmother took him on numerous trips to Egypt to buy "relics" that were most often fake, but it did kindle Dan's curiosity to learn more about ancient Egypt and its people.  Even after his father and stepmother died and he inherited most of their fortune, Dan continued to pursue his interest in ancient Egypt.  Though he has a forty-bedroom mansion to sleep in, he'd much rather sleep in a tent in the Egyptian desert, searching for clues about this ancient civilization.  Finding the tomb of the ancient Egyptian ruler Karlak II is the biggest success of Dan's young career and he's excited to present his discovery at the Plaine Museum so the rest of the world can learn about Karlak II and his world.

Detective Charlotte "Lottie" Donovan:  Coming from the city's roughest neighborhood known as "The Trenches," Lottie learned how to stand up for herself at a young age.  While many of her classmates went on to careers in crime, Lottie became a police officer.  Despite the handicaps of her background and gender, Lottie's determination and fearlessness allowed her to climb up the ranks of the Rampart City Police Department until she was made a homicide detective.  She continues to be a driven workaholic and also one of the few truly honest cops in the department.

Dr. Ian MacGregor:  Already a renowned geologist in his native Scotland, Ian MacGregor was lured across the pond by a lucrative offer from the Plaine Museum.  It was a difficult transition for Ian and his wife Sarah because of the cultural differences and the size difference between Edinburgh and Rampart City.  Making it harder were the long hours Ian had to dedicate to work as head of the geology department at the museum.  Finally Ian got some great news:  Sarah was pregnant with their first child.  Ian's working even longer hours now in order to make time to spend with his wife and child once Sarah gives birth.

Agnes Chiostro:  Agnes has spent the last hundred years living with her sister Sylvia in Rampart City and working on the side as a dressmaker to some of the city's most elite citizens.  Before that Agnes lived for four hundred years in southern France, outside Marseilles.  There Agnes lived with her mother and two sisters who all had one thing in common:  they were witches!  Unlike in storybooks, though, Agnes is a good witch, part of a secret coven who live among the "mortals" and monitor the balance of magic.  Early on Agnes discovered an affinity for sewing and brewing potions.  She continued to do both even after defying the coven by marrying a mortal, Alejandro Chiostro, at the dawn of the 19th Century.  Though Alejandro, as well as their three children, three grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren, are all dead, Agnes continues to keep his name to preserve his memory.  The long years of being a witch, a mother, and a grandmother have made her one of the wisest witches of the coven.

Sylvia Joubert:  The raging yin to Agnes's placid yang, Sylvia grew up as the youngest of her sisters.  While Agnes mastered potions, Sylvia found a talent for "offensive magic" and for centuries worked in secret to rid the world of demons and other evil creatures.  Along the way she found two divergent hobbies:  styling hair and selling guns.  When she finally retired from the monster-killing business and settled down in Rampart City with her sister, Sylvia continued to engage in both hobbies, running a small salon and arms brokering business from her basement.  Despite being only nine years younger than her sister, Sylvia has never learned Agnes's patience.

Percival Graves:  By all appearances Percival is a retired janitor of the Plaine Museum who now lives at the Park Glen Rest Home and has a bum leg.  But he is much more than that.  Percival was the previous incarnation of the heroic Scarlet Knight, who defended the city for over 25 years, starting shortly after World War II.  Before that Percival was already a hero, serving with valor and distinction in the British army.  When he returned to his native London, though, he found himself with no family, no home, and no job and so decided to make a go of it across the pond, where he soon found a suit of armor that gave him unheard-of abilities.  He used these abilities to defeat the evil Black Dragoon and then to try and clean up Rampart City, a task that was never quite finished before he was gravely wounded fighting a second incarnation of the Black Dragoon.  While fighting crime he worked during the days as a janitor at the Plaine Museum, where he befriended one very gifted little girl named Emma Earl.

Gladys Cabot:  the sister of Emma's mother Louise Cabot, Gladys was always something of a rebel.  She spent most of her early years tramping across the globe to see what the world had to offer.  When Louise died, Gladys took over raising young Emma, no easy task after what had happened to Emma's parents.  About the same time Emma went off to college, Gladys began demonstrating early signs of Alzheimer's.  Over Emma's protests, Gladys insisted her niece go to college and then checked herself into the Park Glen Rest Home.  Since then her condition has continued to deteriorate.

Lydia Schmidt, aka "Don Vendetta":  The name of Don Vendetta strikes fear into every citizen of Rampart City, but most are not aware that the "don" of the crime family running the city is actually a woman.  Lydia Schmidt was her maiden name before she married the original Don Vendetta.  Once an "accident" befell her husband, Lydia was quick to take power for herself.  Since then she has increased the mob's hold on the city while staying one step ahead of the police.  Anyone foolish enough to seek the don out can usually find her at the Plastic Hippo club with her lieutenants, where in the back room they plot how to maintain their control of Rampart City. 

The Sewer Rat (name unknown):  While other regions have fictitious creatures like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, Rampart City has the Sewer Rat.  There are no photographs of him, but it's rumored that he's a freakish combination of man and rat someone flushed down into the sewers long ago.  Stories say he's trained the rats of the city's sewers to do his bidding.  What that bidding might be, no one knows.  The Rampart City Police Department has a reward for the apprehension of the Sewer Rat, but so far no one has been brave enough to wade through the hundreds of miles of sewage pipes to find him.  It is said that if you ever encounter the Sewer Rat, he fears the scent of flowers more than anything.

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