Friday, September 5, 2014

Grumpy Bulldog Does America Day 4: Farmer of the Dells

Today the weather was better.  It was overcast, but didn't really rain as I went through Wisconsin, into Minnesota.  This was mostly a boring travel day where I didn't really stop anywhere except a truck stop to get lunch and gas.

First back in Gurnee I had to get some ice for the cooler and some quarters for tolls and laundry.  The bank didn't want to give me quarters because I didn't have an account.  I told them my bank was back in Michigan.  It's good the manager was at the window next door to approve it because God knows the petty bureaucrat waiting on me wouldn't do it without permission.  WTF is that about?  I'm not asking them for a fucking loan or anything; I'm just asking to trade a $10 bill for a roll of quarters.  Yeesh.

Of course then there was only one toll booth and it was manned by a human so I could use paper money and thus didn't really need the quarters, though I've used them tonight to do my laundry at the Extended Stay America in Rochester, MN.

Getting into Wisconsin there was a lot of road construction.  Like one zone ended and another would start up a mile later.  By the time I got past Madison there wasn't as much, but then of course I get to the border with Minnesota and there was more.  Why do states like to greet people with road construction?

Basically in short I saw a lot of farmland and a lot of hills.  Some cows and horses.  Here are the pictures from my car:

The last picture is Rochester, MN, where I am now.  It's home to the Mayo Clinic.  Before I leave I should try to get some free medical advice.  They'd probably just tell me to lose some fucking weight.

For dinner I went to Perkins.  I wanted to go a couple of years ago in Muskegon, MI just for the irony because Perkins was where Tiger Woods picked up waitresses leading to his fall from grace.  But all the Perkinses in Western Michigan were closed by then.  So now I got to cross that off my list.  Though unless you're into chubby and/or middle-aged chicks I don't see anyone worth losing millions in endorsements and ruining your marriage for.  But then they might have hotter waitresses in Florida than Minnesota.

BTW, I also thought on "Fargo" (movie and TV show) that accent they used was just an exaggeration, but the clerk at the hotel pretty much talked that way, so I guess it's true! Now you know--and knowing is half the battle!  That is if you didn't know that before.

Tomorrow is another long haul across lower Minnesota and then maybe not quite half of South Dakota to Mitchell, SD, which on my atlas looks like the biggest city between Sioux Falls and Rapid City along I-90.  Sunday and Monday then I should be in Rapid City to visit Mount Rushmore, then it's on to Wyoming and Montana!


  1. So does this quest have a goal? Or are you just seeing America?

    If it were me, I'd have stopped in the Wisconsin Dells. You missed a good boat tour of rock formations (if you like that kind of thing) plus fudge, waterparks, and tourist traps.

    It's a dream of mine someday to pack Sweetie and I and the boys -- the older kids will probably have lives of their own, by then -- into a car and travel around to all the tourist traps in America. If it has a giant animal outside it or a mini-zoo inside it or includes the words "Mystery Spot" anywhere near it, I want to see it.

    Are you going to stop at Wall Drug? You should.

  2. Woo Hoo! Mount Rushmore, here I come! Oh, no, wait...

    Did you find out what that tall rock is sticking up above the trees?



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