Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sims I Like: Hitter

In Girl Power: League of Evil, a group of villains were recruited to kill the good guys.  And they did "kill" the good guys.  But then those villains found themselves turned into young women thanks to an alien weapon unleashed by the one who recruited them.  With the world in chaos, those young women renounced villainy to become heroes.  (In part because like the Suicide Squad they had bombs implanted in their heads but later because they find it's more fun being the good guys.)

Hitter was a British assassin who never had any superpowers and lamented the fact he was put in Gitmo with all the other "freaks."  So he jumped at the chance to get free and kill the people who put him there.  Except when things go wrong, he finds himself changed from a grown man into a scrawny teenage girl.  She has a harder time with this change than any of the others because as a girl she looks a lot like the sister she lost tragically years ago.

As you can see his girl version is plain and mousy with straight brown hair and a plain black hoodie and white T-shirt.  You'd never think this kid was a world-class assassin right?

I made a Sims 4 version but there's no scarf for the hair that I've found yet:

Otherwise it's definitely an improved version.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Pat,

    The top version looks like a nun after a rough night on the town. Yep, prefer the second version.

    Have a good weekend.




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