Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trivia Challenge Answer #1

And to review Monday's question:  What science does Dr. Emma Earl have her doctorate in?

The answer was:

D.  Geology

(Did you notice it was the one that didn't match the letter for the answer?  A Astronomy, B Biology, C Chemistry, D Geology...get it?)

Yep, Emma studies rocks.  Her particular specialty is studying meteors so there's a little astronomy involved I guess.

Cindy Borgne got the pattern and since she was the only one to answer, it's Cindy 5, Rest of the World 0.  But there's still plenty of time for anyone to jump in and catch up.  Hint, hint.


  1. Maybe post this on Facebook or Twitter to make sure people know about it.

  2. Hey Pat,

    Emma Rocks on! Like your good self sharing my posts, I have done likewise. Hopefully, you've made note of what Cindy has stated.

    Take it easy, dude.

    Penny's fictional human,




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