Friday, July 21, 2017

My Opposition to the New Doctor Who

Last Sunday they announced they were finally going to have a female Doctor Who and "the Internet went nuts" as a Mashable headline would say.  There were plenty of trolls whining and bitching and posting memes about it and people supporting it and many people who didn't give a shit.

My opposition has nothing to do with sexism or misogyny or "tradition" or any of that.  My opposition is that next year they'll do this and people will say how brilliant it is and I'll just be sitting there saying to myself, "Shit, dude, I've done this 300 fucking times already!"  I've written like 300 gender swap stories of men turning into women but when a mainstream-ish show does it, it's brilliant and genius and blah blah blah.  Bah humbug.

I'm being about 90% facetious here but it would kind of annoy me.  I'd be curious to watch the first episode or two just to see how they deal with it versus how I do.  Professional curiosity I guess you'd call it.  I don't have BBC but maybe I'd buy it from Amazon or something.

The whole Doctor Who situation reminds me of when back in 2006 or so the popular Pope John Paul II died and they had to pick a new one.  People were hoping they might pick someone young or a minority or something to shake things up but then they picked that old white guy no one really gave a shit about.  He was an OK placeholder for a few years and then when they had to pick another new pope they decided to be riskier and chose a more "radical" South American guy who's now Pope Francis.  Moffatt kind of did the same thing in when he had to replace a popular Doctor and people wanted something more radical he wussed out and picked some old white guy.  Then the next time he decides to swing for the fences.  So hopefully this lady is Pope Francis and not one of those lame ones no one gives a shit about.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what happens. Even though it does get a lot of attention, as we know, it didn't go all that well with women Ghostbusters.



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