Monday, September 10, 2012

Trivial Trivia News

Just a reminder that Wednesday is the next Superhero Trivia question, where you can win $5 or $1 just for commenting!  By popular vote the time of the question has moved to 9am EST, so be sure to get up early for it.  This month's question is going to be so easy that maybe for once someone can win it within 30 minutes of the question posting.

I was really hoping this morning I could say my publisher had finally put up their new website, which would be a big step to getting my book out there, but sadly there's nothing to report yet.  I heard whenever it does get finished they're going to put all their ebooks on sale for 99 cents, so you'll be able to scoop up some bargains.  You can keep checking here to see if it ever does go online.  And under the Coming Soon you should see Rusty's cover still with no description.

This is what I will want to do to medical science...
Tomorrow don't expect any of my scintillating comments on your blogs for a while.  I'm remembering 9/11 by getting a camera jammed down my esophagus, which requires putting me under for a few hours.  After the choking incident I recounted here I've been having trouble swallowing so tomorrow they're going to peek inside and tell me there's nothing wrong and it's all in my head because that's all medical science seems to be good for unless it's something blatantly obvious like I'm gushing blood from a cut on my leg or something.  I mean real life medicine is absolutely nothing like House.  It's mostly you go to a doctor who sends you to another doctor a few days later who makes you wait a few more days for some stupid test and then you have to go back to the doctor a few more days later to tell you nothing and send you for another test a couple of weeks later and so on and so on.  I'm just saying.

Anyway, if through horrific negligence I die on the table the question still posts on Wednesday but you'll need a medium to try and collect your prizes.

Yup it's Monday and I'm tired and grumpy.  Damn you Adult Swim for moving Robot Chicken to midnight on Sundays!  I should figure out how to get the VCR to work.


  1. So what you're saying is you're the medical profession's personal ATM machine? ;)

    Hope all goes well.


  2. I checked out the link and Solstice Publishing looks like it's online.

    1. Sure but that's still the old site as far as I can tell. The new improved super-deluxe model was supposed to be up today.

  3. Best well wishes to you. After nearly choking on a grape some years ago, I remember my throat feeling funny for a while, but not like you described. GWS! :)

  4. "I should figure out how to get the VCR to work."

    Or just, you know, get some technology made in this century, like Netflix/Roku, which is only $80 plus $8 per month, or a DVR.

    A bigshot author like you ought to be able to watch TV WHEN HE WANTS.

    On another note: HOLY COW I TOTALLY MISSED THAT CH0KING STORY THE FIRST TIME. I went and read it and I'm glad you're okay. That was a close call. I wonder if you did some damage to your ... what's the word? I'll say: "throat pipe"... with it?

    I hope everything's okay. Not least because I've sort of lodged myself into the "Weird Medical Experiences Blogger" guy role and don't want to share. But also because I really do hope everything's okay.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! You of all people know how annoying the medical establishment can be. Though obviously they can get it right sometimes too, like with your son's recent fall.

      As for a DVR I'd buy one if I watched more than three shows a week. Pretty much all I watch are Tigers games, American Dad reruns, and Robot Chicken. Though now that it's football season I'll probably have a few games on in the background while I read or use the computer.

  5. Sorry to hear about the swallowing thing Pat. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm in there for the triviq.

  6. Well, if you ascribe to Briane's wisdom about doctors, they're actually going to tell you you're having a heart attack and try to do open heart surgery on the spot. So, um, I hope that goes well. Maybe they'll give you a robot heart that pumps super juice through your veins and give you super powers.

  7. Add my best wishes to those hoping you have a speedy recovery with nothing found requiring you to have to go through any more discomfort.

  8. Hey PT,
    As much as I eagerly await your much loved comments on my not worth reading site, the main thing is you get better. And no I'm not going to say something flippant like I'm getting all choked up over it.
    You take care, my friend and all the best.

  9. I shudder at the thought of visiting the doctor. I hope it goes well tomorrow.

  10. I avoid doctors if at all possible. I hope everything goes well for you though. I really like Rusty's cover :)




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