Friday, June 5, 2015

Movies! 6/5/15

I think the Rock(!!!!) will have a second week at the top of the box office as there's really not much competition this week.

First there's "Entourage" which is probably great if you watched the TV show.  I never did, so I don't really care.  I guess it's important to note this is the original cast, not a reboot or anything.  At least I'm pretty sure.

In case "San Andreas" is full, you can go watch "Insidious, Chapter 3."  Why do they release all these horror movies in winter and summer and then hardly any in October when you want horror movies?  It's like stores selling bikinis in January and winter coats in July.  It makes no sense!!!  Anyway, I never saw "Insidious 1 or 2" but I'm sure it was better than "The Human Centipede."  So that's something.

And also there's "Spy" starring Melissa McCarthy, who seems destined to become the female Chris Farley, albeit without the early death.  Oh hey, this time she's a CIA desk jockey who goes undercover!  Hilarity ensues.  If by hilarity you mean watching a fat woman fall down a lot.  Other people like that more than I do, so this is probably the Rock's most serious competition.  Idea for next Melissa McCarthy vehicle:  she goes undercover as a wrestler and has to fight the Rock!  That's a two-fer right there.


  1. Not a Melissa McCarthy fan...but who is?

  2. I've heard really good reviews of "Spy", but I'm sure San Andreas will do well so all the news can do more lame earthquake puns about the box office. San Andreas shakes up the summer season. Yuk Yuk.

  3. Hey Pat,

    Penny the dawg gives your movie musings a 3 out of 5 paws!

  4. All of the Melissa McCarthy movies look the same. Yuck. Though next weekend is going to be all about the dinosaurs. RAWR!



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