Monday, June 15, 2015

Winter of Our Discontent: Season 5 of Game of Thrones [With Spoilers!]

Worst.  Season.  Ever.

That pretty much sums it all up.  I haven't followed Game of Thrones since the beginning like Michael Offutt, but I did catch up two years ago and then this last springs.  So yes I think this was the worst season of the show.  It never felt like there was really anything sustaining it except that eventually something, somewhere, someday would actually come together.  But since there are still at least two more seasons, all this really does is move a few pieces along the board.  And since this is Game of Thrones it takes a few pieces off the board as well.

The last episode pretty much summed it all up when all of our main characters are thrust into new peril--or killed.  Stannis Baratheon burned his own daughter at the stake to appease the "Lord of Light" but ends up being slaughtered by the evil Boltons.  Sansa Stark and Reek jump from a castle wall into the snow and who knows what will happen with that.  Arya Stark kills some guy but then is struck blind by the "many faced god."  Tyrion Lannister is left to try to quell unrest in Mereen while Daneys the Mother of Dragons is surrounded by horse people.  Cersei takes the longest walk of shame ever while her daughter is poisoned by a vengeful Tyrell.  And Jon Snow, the hero of the Watch, is murdered Julius Caesar style to cap it off.  Jesus fucking Christ what a depressing way to end a season.

I think at this point the showrunners are actively trolling the audience.  You thought Jon Snow would take the Iron Throne?  Too bad, he's dead now.  And otherwise let's make every other character get thrust into about the worst situations possible.  Don't let one fucking glimmer of hope shine through.  Come on, even The Walking Dead provides a little safe haven for its characters from time to time.

The worst part is to think it will get even worse next season!  By the time the show gets to the end I think we'll all be rooting for the White Walkers to scour every last person from the face of Westeros because by that point there won't be anyone left for the audience to actually care about.  I mean I'm sure right now Tyrion and Daneys are next on the chopping block because people might actually like them.  Wouldn't want that.

If there was one moral from this season it's not to ally yourself with religion.  Cersei courted the religious whackos to get rid of the queen and that really backfired on her.  Stannis believed in the "Lord of Light" so much that he burned his daughter at the stake and that really backfired on him.  Arya bought into the stupid "Many Faced God" and yup it backfired on her too.  All those people believing in the Mother of Dragons, well she ain't gonna be around to help them.  Basically if you're in Westeros don't believe in anything or anyone because belief is futile.  Hope is futile.  Winter is coming, bitch, and you're all doomed!

The End is Near!!!!


  1. I'm hearing a lot of complaints about this show and people vowing never to watch it again.The whole thing is so depressing.

  2. They're going to run out of characters soon but the biggest complaint I hear about the show is the constant theme of rape. Not really my type of show

  3. vengeful Martell not Tyrell. The Tyrells are from High Garden. It was a depressing season but to be fair, A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons were not all that great. They are the worst of the series thus far. I think the Winds of Winter will be spectacular when it's released next year. As for the show, I thought the season was pretty strong. I loved seeing the inside of the House of Black and White and what they were doing with all of the bodies. I also loved the huge massacre that took place at Hardhome. I loved seeing the dragon in multiple scenes this season. As for Stannis? That character had run its course and it seemed a mercy to get rid of him as he was genuinely unlikeable. He murdered his brother and his child all for his own ego and glory. Blech.



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