Friday, October 2, 2015

Super Squad v 2.0 for Windows

One day while goofing around on the Sims 4, I decided to make "rebooted" versions of the Super Squad from my Girl Power book.  I say "rebooted" because obviously I don't have all the same things on the Sims 4 as the Sims 3.  I don't have the same superhero costumes or masks or capes, so I made do with what I had.  You can see the differences for yourself.

I didn't have a "boob panel" so I kind of did the opposite.  The Sims 3 version should have had a skirt.

I think the Sims 4 version is a lot better--except the lacy mask.

The Sims 4 one has an X-Men movie look to it.

I didn't have a black hood and again the lacy mask looks silly.
Which ones do you like the best and/or least?


  1. Hey Pat,

    Actually, I quite like them all. I could see myself in those costumes, but that's a secret between you and me.

    Have a nice weekend, friend.


  2. I like the last two the best, and I don't think the mask looks silly. My favorite is the black suit on Velocity Gal.



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