Friday, October 16, 2015

Time Junkie by Nigel Mitchell

Maybe a little over a month ago Nigel Mitchell gave me the chance to read his latest book, Time Junkie.  Unlike most of his other books, this one isn't really a comedy.  There's actually some pretty serious stuff going on.

In this book there's a drug called "krono" that lets people go back in time.  The more you use the drug the farther back you go and the longer you stay there.  Seventeen-year-old Tim takes the drug at a party one night and becomes the eponymous Time Junkie.  What he really wants is to go back in time to when his mother died in a car accident and find a way to save her.  Along the way he does what probably most of us would do, which is to buy a lottery ticket, but that doesn't really work out.

Anyway, like I said there's some serious stuff going on.  A lot of the book is about the cycles of abuse and addiction, which we see through Tim's journey through time and how his life unravels in the present.

The book is about time travel and yet avoids most of the cliche aspects in time travel stories.  And there's not all the creepy stuff of The Time Traveler's Wife either like meeting his girlfriend when she's six and he's an adult.  So big props for that.

Today is the release day for the book, which was only 99 cents.  It's worth a lot more than that, so why don't you go show some support of a great indie author and buy this?  I mean come on there's no creepy gender swapping or anything like my stories, so what are you afraid of?  Do it!!!  Now!!!


  1. It sounds really good and I like the cover. Will have to check it out.

  2. Yeah, it looks promising. Besides, I love time traveling stories (and who doesn't?).

  3. Thanks for the writeup! Glad you liked it



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