Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pardon the Interruption: Vote for ME!!!

We interrupt my blog's silence for a special announcement.  I keep putting off writing a query for my novel Army of the Damned (Sky Ghost #1) and looking for markets to submit to.  Then I saw a link to Amazon's new Kindle Scout program.  It's basically like a literary American Idol kind of thing where people pick their favorite stories and "nominate them" and Amazon might decide to give the winner(s) a publishing contract.  I know at least one publisher had something like this and I probably still have Chance of a Lifetime there, though I have no idea which publisher it even is anymore, so I don't much care.

I submitted my book and today is when my "campaign" starts.  You can visit the page here and nominate my book.  It runs for the next 30 days I think.  This would probably be a better program for someone like Alex Cavanaugh or Andrew Leon who has more flunkies followers, but what the heck.  Maybe by the time I don't get picked I'll have gotten around to finding somewhere else to ship it off to.  I'd like this one to get traditionally published.  I think it could be.  I mean, zombies and awesome dogfights, what's not to like?  Basically just imagine The Walking Dead if instead of walking or driving they flew airplanes.  There you go.  Simple concept, no?  And really it seems like a marketable concept.  It'd be nice if it could get picked up and maybe make enough to pay for the cover art, unlike the other mainstream novel I released this year.  BTW, I'm making that one free for the next 5 days, so be sure to pick up a copy and then not give it a good review!

Anyway, Vote for me!

I have new blog entries ready starting January 4, 2016, so be sure to come back then.  Happy Holidays!  (Oh no, it's the war on Christmas!)


  1. Hey Pat,

    I will vote for you! As for Alex J. Cavanaugh and Andrew Leon, never heard of them!

    All the best with this and hey, no blogging book tour like the rest of them?

    This comment was typed in front of a dead studio audience.....

  2. I just noticed your blog post and I voted for you when you mentioned it on Facebook. Hope it's going well. Say that you WILL get picked no matter the odds. It can only help.

  3. Hey Pat -- I found your book on Kindle Scout and will make sure your book is on my nomination list when your campaign ends! I enjoyed the excerpt.

    Also I'd love it if you could check out my submission for "Provenance," also in the sci-fi genre:



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