Monday, January 4, 2016

...And We're Back!

How was your NaNoWriMo and holiday season?  Don't answer; that was a rhetorical question.

Since my last post, I got a job at a fast food restaurant.  Quit said job after 8 days because my shitty, diabetic feet could not handle the strain.  Got a cold from my sister at Thanksgiving.  Haven't had any serious interviews in months.  Amazon money continues trickling down.  Tax season is approaching, which means the IRS will demand 40% of last year's sales because unlike Donald Trump or Warren Buffett or GM or GE I don't have an army of accountants and lawyers to keep me from paying taxes.  So basically I'll end up in bankruptcy, which hey try to collect since I don't have a job or any money!

But hey the new Star Wars came out.  That was awesome by my reckoning.  And in a couple of months there will be Batman v Superman and then Avengers 2.5, aka Captain America 3!  Yes, despite the unending horror of the world and my life, at least we still have movies.  That's your positive thought for the day.

And hey, there's still a blog!  For the immediate future I don't think I'm going to do theme days, because no one gives a fuck except me.  I suppose until April, when we all have to pay fealty to Alex Cavanaugh and his gang again, I'll just do what I feel like doing.  It won't all be me moping and bitching about shitty life is--just most of it.

I've published a shitload more books since the last time I blogged and I probably have a shitload more coming up in the future, even if it largely seems to be diminishing returns anymore.  It's kind of sad when you have like 100 books for sale and sell only 3 total copies for a whole day.  In an ideal world I'd like to sell at least 1 of each book per day, but some of the older ones haven't sold a copy in many months.  That's just how it goes.  By my count I wrote 55 last year, not counting omnibuses.

Anyway, hopefully your last few months were better than mine.  They'd almost have to be by default, right?


  1. None of my books sell. At all. So that's a plus in your column. The new year will probably have some unexpected, positive tricks pointed your way.

  2. I really liked Star Wars. Some people were complaining it wasn't original, but there were some new elements. It seems Abrams gave the people what they wanted and it paid off big time.

    As for A to Z, last year I just wanted to see if I could do it, so I'm not feeling the need to do it this year.

  3. Hey Pat,

    What can I say! This has gotta' be a better year for you and maybe you can get a role in the next Star Wars movie.

    As for all that other crap, blog fests, blog hops, fucking alphabet challenges, fuck the lot of it and would be nice to see the blogger sheep stop being blogger sheep.

    That is all and hopefully, good sir, a much improved year ahead for you.


  4. One hundred books! That's amazing, Pat. So sorry about the job and the diabetes. I hope this year finds you getting rich off book sales, because you work so hard.



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