Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Write Good, Vol 3: The King Way

It's Friday, which as every blogger knows is a total wank.  So let the wanking commence!

I read Stephen King's On Writing more than 12 years ago.  I remember when because I read a little bit of it at work when the Big Blackout of 2003 hit the eastern half of the country.  That is about all I remember.  That and the idea you should totally, definitely, most assuredly rid yourself of those nasty adverbs.

There you go.  My book report.  It would probably get me an F.  Anyway, both people who read my blog have probably read it as well, so I probably don't need to explain it to you.  Or maybe if you haven't read the book it'll be turned into a six-part mini-series on TV or movie starring Johnny Depp or something.  I'm not even sure when I got rid of my copy of the book.  Probably before one of my moves when I needed to lighten the load.  That was when I got rid of most of my writing books.

Anyway, having read these three posts, now you can definitely write good.  Hooray!  Fame and fortune await!


  1. Actually...I haven't read that one. Probably because I've heard some of his advice already. I used to read several books about writing, and just figured his book wasn't going to add anything new. However, lately, I have read a few books on plot structure, outlining and how to write faster. I hope to share some of that soon.

  2. There's more than two people who read your blog. On the side it says you have 112 members.

  3. Oh, I usually don't get rid of books (unless I'm absolutely sure I won't re-read them again).

    And Michael has a good point. You have at least 112 faithful readers and a lot of anonymous readers as well.



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