Friday, August 25, 2017


I emailed Amazon and they finally made A Hero's Journey permafree!  In case you haven't read it already, now you can get it free on Amazon.  It's already free on Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

And in case you forgot what it's about or are new to this blog (which was used to launch the book in 2012):
Dr. Emma Earl never wanted to be a hero. But when she finds a magic suit of armor that can deflect bullets and turn her invisible, she becomes part of an ancient war between good and evil. It’s up to Emma as the latest incarnation of the heroic Scarlet Knight to save Rampart City from the fiendish Black Dragoon and his plan to rule first the city and then the whole world!
You can go to the Special Features tab to get lots of bonus content like character bios, a guide to Rampart City, and an animated comic!

There are some other new free ones too:
There's supposed to be a couple more but maybe they'll show up as free later. (Yup, 3 other Eric Filler books have also been added: Unisex, Private Dick, and Race Against Time. I'll add links later.)


  1. Your pen name "Ivana" made me think of "Ivanka Trump" for some reason. I kinda hope that's what you intended, tongue in cheek-wise. It's funny.

    1. Mostly it's a pun: Ivana like I Wanna as in I wanna Johnson

  2. I have no doubt your novel is as good as many that have been published and marketed in book stores. So sad that so many great stories have trouble finding publishers, or markets.



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