Monday, August 21, 2017

The Imaginary Middle Ground

There's one blog I follow written by a self-styled "independent" in Texas.  We don't agree on some things like gun control (being from Texas of course he wants no gun control, yee-hah!) but we do agree on regulating Wall Street.  So among individuals you can have some agreement despite political leanings.  But one thing he said I found particularly ridiculous:

Democrats have to realize Republicans can have some good ideas.

Oh really?  Like what?  That was the challenge I put forward:  tell me one good idea Republicans have that doesn't benefit special interest groups or rich people/corporations?

And the answer:  I don't have to tell you.  Look it up!  You're lazy!  You're close-minded!  Read The Economist!

In other words, even though he says I should think Republicans can have good ideas, he doesn't actually know any good ideas they have.  I guess they CAN have good ideas, they just don't.

I mentioned before how on Twitter I got into it with a Hillary supporter who whined about Bernie Sanders's ideas.  I said, "At least he had ideas" to which she said that Hillary had plenty of ideas.  Like what?  (That she didn't steal from Bernie.)  And it was the same response as on this guy's blog:  Look it up!  She has ideas!  Tons of them!  Just sounding like when you ask a virgin how many women he's fucked.  So don't think I'm just picking on the right.

The problem here is people want to think there's some middle ground, but it no longer exists.  The "Blue Dogs" like Hillary, Cory Booker, etc try to play to a center that isn't there anymore.  All they do is anger liberals by being too far right and angering conservatives by not being right enough.  The days of compromise and everyone getting along for the common good are over--if they were ever here to start with.  So let's just stop pretending.

And for that matter we really need self-styled "independents" to grow up.  If you can't name one good idea Republicans have, then maybe it's time you stop pretending like you have a choice.  It'd really be nice if one-issue voters like NRA members or "pro-life" people could grow up too and realize maybe there are more important things in life than whether you can go hunting with a machine gun.  Fat chance of that, I suppose.


  1. All I know is when it comes to politics most people have made up their mind and the odds of anyone switching parties are slim to none, so even if they did mention some idea, you probably wouldn't like it. Or if it was the other way around, they probably wouldn't like it. However, I do agree that if they mention "good ideas" they should be prepared to back that up and mention one of them, but that would probably just lead to an argument over it.

    1. It led to an argument anyway so there was no way around it.

  2. The Republicans used to stand for fiscal responsibility and smaller government, but that's now out the window. Obama gets no credit for actually shrinking the size of the Federal government, but most Republican presidents, including Reagan, have increased the size of the Federal government and added to the deficit. I honestly can't think of any good Republican ideas.



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