Monday, December 17, 2012

Not-So-Phony Photos: Cover Up

On and off the last couple of weeks, I've been working on covers for the other seven books in the Scarlet Knight series.  As you can see they're a different format from the first one, but I couldn't very well ask Rusty to draw seven more covers for me.

These are not final so any input would be appreciated.

Tomorrow's Two-Fer Tuesday involves a little interoffice hanky-panky...


  1. The last picture, the first title. I would buy that book. And read it. And then probably tell Some Guy At Work that HE ought to do the same but then I'd have to find out whether he read your first book and if he did NOT I would tell him to do that, first. So you would sell at least three copies.

    That's his Grisham got started.

  2. I love the Future Shock background. That one intrigues me the most. Maybe that's because I'm a sci-fi junkie.

  3. I think you should commission one really awesome painting and divide it into seven books (that's what Michael Whelan is sometimes asked to do). And it works too. Like if you wanted to commission one from Rusty and me, I could do the people (which I think I'm really good at) and then send that file to Rusty to import into photoshop with a background (that I think he excels at) and we'd have a masterpiece!

  4. Amazing covers. I like how the background image gives a hint to the plot. Assuming one takes place in Russia and another in a future city of course.

  5. I think in order to be uniform (which to the point that these covers are pretty uniform, that's great), you probably have to match the first cover a little more closely, which probably means you'll have to remove the distinctive red bordering. Unless you want to send the message that you either take "A Hero's Journey" as the one book you need to read and the others as a group you can kind of read, or the others as a really nice sequence that flows better than the first one. Anyway, that's my reaction.

    Also, the red helmet would probably look better and be less distracting smaller and next to the masthead "Tales of the Scarlet Knight" rather than pasted alongside the cover image. That much is fine as a distinction that now cannot be shared with the original volume. I wouldn't worry about that.

  6. I like the covers and understand the need for similarity because this is a series, but they might just be too similar. The helmet is a good motif to repeat but it's the same image in all the covers although it's been flopped in some. I'd vary that helmet more, not necessarily its features but in the manner in which it's depicted.

  7. Hi PT,

    Myself and my human have had a good look at those covers. We both agree that they look very good and the colour theme works well and makes total sense. Well done and all the best.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!

  8. That was a lot of work. They remind me of those L Ron Hubbard pulps that I see every time I go to Books-A-Million. Parts 6 and 8 have my favorite photos though.



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