Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Superhero Trivia Question for December

It's the second Wednesday of the month and so today is the superhero trivia question.  I'm taking these from 1001 Comic Book Trivia Questions by Rich Meyer.

This question is going to be a bit trickier than prior ones.  And the graphic at the left is not a hint.  I just think it looks cool and the graphic was already loaded on the blog and it's far less creepy than most of the Batman ones I have.  I will be sporting and make this multiple choice.  You have a 1-in-4 chance of winning!

After Superman, who was the second superhero to get a self-titled comic book series?  (ie, not "Action Comics," "Detective Comics," etc. but named for the hero him/herself, like "Superman".)

(Now like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire we take away 2 wrong answers)

A.  Batman
B.  Blue Beetle
C.  Wonder Woman
D.  Captain America

Answer in the comments.  First one to get it right gets a $5 gift card to Amazon in their email or Facebook.  Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping!

If you aren't first, never fear!  One respondent will be selected by random number generator to receive a PDF copy of my book, A Hero's Journey!  If you already have it, give it to someone else!

Also I've decided on what I call the "Andrew Leon Rule" where the same person cannot win the trivia question each month.  So if you win this month you won't be eligible to win the $5 for another 3 months (until October).  But you can still win the participation prize. Sandra Almazan is already disqualified this month for winning October's question and the aforementioned Andrew Leon is disqualified for winning November's question.

Good luck!!!

Tomorrow I review The Best Light by Paul L. Madden, which you'd already know if you paid attention on Monday...


  1. In case Batman somehow isn't right, Captain America. Punching Hitler.

  2. Well, darn... I suppose I won't tell.

  3. Blue Beetle. Is it Blue Beetle?

    I tried to research it, got caught up in a Wikipedia article about Captain Marvel, got a phone call, texted my wife, at lunch, and now I am back. BLUE BEETLE.

    1. Finally, a winner! According to the book Blue Beetle's self-titled book came out shortly after Superman's. If you look on the Wikipedia page for Blue Beetle it has a cover from early 1940 to help back this up.

  4. Oops, I'm a bit late in arriving. I'd make a lousy superhero....


    *victory dance*

    *lawsuit from Charles Schulz's estate when it's revealed that my victory dance is a ripoff of Snoopy's dance.*

  6. The only thing I know about Blue Beetle is he figured in "Crisis On Infinite Earths." I kind of liked him in that. I oughta go read some comics of his now. MAYBE I WILL BUY $5 WORTH OF THEM.

  7. I would never have gotten this right. Really interesting.

  8. I would have said Wonder Woman - go figure.

  9. Blue Beetle? That makes no sense. But thats the way it goes I guess.

  10. Yet more proof at how underratedly awesome Blue Beetle is, in any incarnation. The first Jaime Reyes series (Jaime Reyes being the current, armored Blue Beetle) played at a "Starman"-like employment of the complete lineage. I guess one of the reasons I skipped out on the New 52 version is that it remembered the cool new mythology of the character, but forgot about the lineage.



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