Sunday, May 5, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 17 Non-Surprising Results Plus Help Ben Wolverton

In news that should surprise no one, "Iron Man 3" won the box office this weekend.  In other news, the sky is still often blue.  As I said, it'll come down to who you picked for #2 and #3, neither of which managed to even break $10M this week.  A bit of a one-track mind, haven't we when it comes to choosing a movie this weekend.

And for probably as much as a 3D IMAX ticket to a disposable blockbuster, you can help a child walk again!  Get more details about how to help Ben Wolverton from Briane Pagel's blog.  If you're an indie author you can donate sales to the cause, or like me just make a donation that is A) Probably more money and B) Far more expedient.  Or do both.

The final tally is:
  1. Iron Man 3 $175M
  2. Pain & Gain $7.6M
  3. 42 $6.21M
And this week I picked:
  1. Iron Man 3 $150M
  2. Pain & Gain $12M
  3. 42 $8M 
Yay, a trifecta for me.  Take that, Kentucky Derby losers.

Briane Pagel picked:
1. Iron Man: $192 million.
2. 42: $5 million.
3. Mud: $4 million.

That's 100 for Iron Man and 50 for 42 for 150.  Plus 100 bonus for answering my survey.

Rusty Carl picked:
Iron Man - $100 mil
Pain and Gain $10 mil
42 - $6 mil

A trifecta for him, plus 100 bonus for the survey question.

Michael Offutt picked:
Iron Man 3 $211 million
Pain and Gain $7 million
42 - $5 million

Also a trifecta, plus 100 bonus for the survey.

Our leader Tony Laplume stumbles this week by picking:
1. Iron Man 3 ($150 mil)
2. Pain & Gain ($10 mil)
3. Oblivion ($8 mil)

Only 200 points for him plus 100 for the survey.

Second place Andrew Leon unfortunately chose the same as Tony:
1. Iron Man 3 -- $160m
2. Pain & Gain -- $9m
3. Oblivion -- $8m

Only 200 for him plus 100 for the survey.

Stephen Hayes picked:
Iron Man#3 $170 mil.
Oblivion $90 mil.
Pain and Gain $10 mil.

That's 100 for Iron Man and 50 for Pain and Gain

And Cindy Borgne picked:

Iron Man 3 $180 million
Pain and Gain $6 million
42 - $4 million

That's a trifecta for her.  And since she was closest on Iron Man 3's take, she wins the round!  Plus 100 for the survey, so she's raking in a cool 900 points.  That's still 9th place, but 8th is easily in reach!

As for the bonus question, I asked whether Iron Man 3 would make more than the Avengers in its opening weekend, which was $207.  So the answer was no.  Only Briane Pagel, Rusty Carl, and Andrew Leon picked less.  (Also Cindy but she won the round.)  And the winner is Rusty!  That's 300 more to his score.

No changes in the standings, but Offutt moves into a tie for 5th and 3rd is in reach now for Rusty.

Box Office Blitz


17 Total
Tony Laplume 300 7200
Andrew Leon 300 5650
PT Dilloway 300 4750
Rusty Carl 700 4550
Maurice Mitchell 0 3100
Michael Offutt 400 3100
Briane Pagel 250 2900
Stephen Hayes 150 1200
Cindy Borgne 900 1100
David P King 0 200
Donna Hole 0 200

3300 33950  


  1. Thanks for the Wolverton link, and the donation. I'll still keep plugging Scarlet Knight this month.

    PLUS: I am in reach of Michael Offutt's spot. WATCH IT, Offutt. I'm coming at you like [insert bad guy from Game Of Thrones] came at [insert good guy from Game Of Thrones] at the Battle Of [Insert vaguely Middle-Earthian Name only with a Viking Twist] and I will [insert weird battle injury] you with my [Insert the word "Battle-Axe."], metaphorically speaking.

  2. Mrs. Chatterbox informs me she wants to see Iron Man III. I don't get it. When I talk snarky like Tony Stark she doesn't seem to like it.

  3. Woo hoo! Never won a single week but I'm just a hair out of third.

  4. I don't have monies. I only have points. Which were enough this week to cover a stumble.

  5. Whoo hoo! I won! This is a surprise. I will have to try again.

  6. Drat. Forgot again. I'll have to kick butt next week to catch up.



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