Sunday, October 27, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 16 Results (Reposted)

(Stupid Blogger backdated the original post.)

Because I can't start writing until November 1 for stupid Nano, I was bored this Saturday.  So I decided to go watch a movie.  What's annoying is it's almost Halloween and yet the only horror movie playing for the most part is the Carrie remake.  I already saw the original so I don't see any reason to go watch that.  Hollywood really dropped the ball here by scheduling all their horror movies for July-September.

Instead I saw Runner Runner.  It was OK but definitely not worth $10.25.  It would've been better with a stronger actor than Justin Timberlake in the lead role.  I don't even know anymore; who is a 30-ish actor they could have used instead?  It was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, who probably would have fit the role about 5 years ago.  Of course I couldn't help watching Affleck and trying to picture a Batsuit on him.  Except he's evil in this one.  Anyway, it was kind of "Wall Street" only set in Costa Rica and with online gaming instead of it's not much like "Wall Street."  Really online gaming seems like the dumbest thing ever.  How can anyone think they're really going to win money from some foreign website?  Probably the same people who think a Nigerian prince will pay them millions.

Anyway, the same morons who watched old comedians fall down in "Grown Ups 2" instead of watching monsters fight robots in "Pacific Rim" went to watch "Bad Grandpa."  Seriously, you paid $10 or more for what's essentially an episode of "Candid Camera?"  Yeesh.  Inexplicably the budget was $15M.  Is latex makeup that expensive?

The results were:
Bad Grandpa $32M
Gravity $20.3M
Capt Phillips $11.8M

I foolishly picked:
  1. Gravity $25M
  2. The Counselor $20M
  3. Captain Phillips $10M
I get 100 for Gravity and 400 for Cpt Phillips for 500 total.

David Walston picked:
1. Bad Grandpa $30M
2. Gravity $21M
3. Captain Phillips $11M

That's a trifecta for 900 points.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Gravity $24M
2. The Counselor $21M
3. Captain Phillips $11M

That's also 100 for Gravity and 400 for Cpt Phillips for 500 total.

Chris Dilloway picked:

That's 200 for Bad Grandpa and 300 for Gravity for 500 total

Briane Pagel picked:
1. Captain Phillip: $20 mil
2. Gravity: $19 mil
3. The Counselor $18 mil.

That's 100 for Cpt Phillips and 300 for Gravity for 400 total.

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Bad Grandpa -- $31m
2. Gravity -- $24m
3. The Counselor -- $15m

That's 200 for Grandpa and 300 for Gravity for 500 total.

Rusty Webb picked:
Grandpa $30 mil
Gravity $25 mil
Cap'n Phillips $10 mil

That's also a trifecta.

Rusty and David tied on Grandpa but David is closer on Gravity so he wins the round for 300 bonus points.

No changes in the standings this week:

Box Office Blitz


16 Total
1 Rusty Carl 900 10900
2 David Walton 1200 10000
3 Chris Dilloway 500 9100
4 Maurice Mitchell 500 8800
5 Andrew Leon 500 8400
6 PT Dilloway 500 8200
7 Briane Pagel 400 5400
8 Michael Offutt 0 4900
9 PK Hrezo 0 600

4500 66300


  1. Shouldn't have taken last week off.

  2. So I did the worst? Of EVERYONE? Except the people who didn't play. I am really, REALLY bad at this game. All things like this do is remind me just how poorly I fit into society. Thanks for the wake-up call here on Monday morning. OH WELL, OFF TO ANOTHER WEEK OF BEING ON THE MARGINS OF POPULARITY.



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