Friday, October 25, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 16

Next week begins the last month of the regular season of Box Office Blitz.  Thanks to people forgetting to play (or going to Disney in Rusty's case) the standings have tightened up a little bit.  Which means everyone needs to step up with their A game.  And you know, actually play the game.  That sort of helps.

Last week I saw "Gravity" finally and really enjoyed it.  It was just the second movie I've watched in 3D.  Fake IMAX 3D even because it seemed like the kind of movie where that would be worthwhile.  And it was because you get all that debris flying at you and stuff.  I'm sure the visuals are even better when you aren't wearing the glasses over glasses.  Despite some inaccuracies--like having a space shuttle, what is this, 2011?--I thought it was a really good story of a woman's struggle for survival.  More than that it was about Sandra Bullock's character finding her courage to live whereas even before the space mission she had apparently been just been going through the motions of living.  I'd give it a 4/5 and I wouldn't be surprised if Bullock gets nominated for an Oscar.  But she won't win because there was a preview for a Meryl Streep movie and she by default gets handed the Oscar for anything she does.  Anyway, if you haven't seen "Gravity" yet I'd recommend seeing it in the theater so you can get that whole 3D experience.  Unless you have one of them fancy 3D TVs.

Now then, it's time for the list of Week 15's offerings at my local megaplex.  (* Means it's a new release)
  • Bad Grandpa* (if you pay $10 to watch this in a theater you need kicked in the crotch)
  • Baggage Claim
  • Captain Phillips
  • Carrie
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
  • Escape Plan
  • Gravity
  • I'm in Love With a Church Girl
  • Lee Daniels's The Butler
  • Machete Kills
  • Prisoners
  • Runner, Runner
  • Rush
  • The Counselor*
  • The Family
  • The Fifth Estate
I will pick:
  1. Gravity $25M
  2. The Counselor $20M
  3. Captain Phillips $10M

 And now you make your picks in the comments.  Good luck!


  1. 1. Bad Grandpa $30M
    2. Gravity $21M
    3. Captain Phillips $11M

    Let the crotch kicking begin!

  2. I'm definitely seeing Gravity in IMAX. Everyone says that's the way to see it.

    1. Gravity $24M
    2. The Counselor $21M
    3. Captain Phillips $11M


  3. GRANDPA $29
    GRAVITY $20

    never bet against the stupidity of the general public...

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  5. Our friends were going to see Gravity and when they told me they weren't going to cough up for the 3-D I tried to change their minds by telling them Gravity without the 3-D would be like having sex without foreplay. Not much point. I didn't convince them.

    1. They should have used that line in the commercials: Seeing this movie in 2D is like having sex without foreplay!

  6. I had to skip your whole post about Gravity for fear of spoilers. Having once had The Sixth Sense wrecked for me by someone telling me Rosebud was Haley Joel Osment's dog, I intend to fully enjoy movies from here on out.


    1. Captain Phillip: $20 mil
    2. Gravity: $19 mil
    3. The Counselor $18 mil.

    I'm thinking it's an adult weekend at the box office.

    Got to go. Exhausted. I've only slept like two hours this week.

  7. Can we make a movie of people being kicked in the crotch while going to see the Jackass movie? I mean, that would kind of be the equivalent of that movie, so I bet we could make a lot of money from something like that.

    1. Bad Grandpa -- $31m
    2. Gravity -- $24m
    3. The Counselor -- $15m

  8. Grandpa $30 mil
    Gravity $25 mil
    Cap'n Phillips $10 mil

    It's good to be back



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