Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your Guide to Rampart City

Like Metropolis or Gotham City or most every other made up comic book city, Rampart City is a fictionalized version of New York.  This is a layout of the city using Manhattan as a point of reference.

  •  Industrial Sector:  As the name implies, this was the center of industry in Rampart City.  In recent decades much of that industry has moved away.
  • Waterfront:  The waterfront is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world.  Most of the activity is legal, but illegal goods of all sorts also come through the waterfront every day.
  • Robinson Park:  The park was intended as a tranquil oasis in the middle of the city, though more recently it's become a playground for unsavory elements.  Most citizens know to stay away from the park before the sun goes down.
  • The Heights:  The western side of the city is also the wealthiest side.  The only people in the Heights who don't have a net worth over ten million dollars are the servants.
  • The Historical District:  The historical district was the original home of the first Dutch settlers on the island.  The area still contains homes dating from the 18th Century on up.
  • The Trenches:  The Trenches is the section of the city the poorest residents call home.  It got its name from the rough-and-tumble lifestyles of its residents.
  • Old Downtown:  In the days before skyscrapers, much of the city's commerce took place in the old downtown.  Most of that commerce has moved to the southern tip of the island, but in recent years there's been a movement to revive many of the old buildings.
  • Financial District:  Most of the world's financial transactions go through the Financial District.  The crown jewel of the area is Executive Plaza, containing city hall and Robinson Tower, which at one point was the world's tallest building.

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