Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update #4

Today I'm on Comics Reader talking about Superior Spider-Man (aka Dr. Octopus Spider-Man) Volume 1, which leads to a brief discussion of replacement superhero characters.  Click here!

Also, tomorrow my short story collection The Carnival Papers is supposed to be featured on Wattpad because some people there liked it and then asked that I put all the stories together since I had posted them separately.  If you don't like reading on a website you can always buy the collection for Kindle or in paperback!

BTW, head's up that around Valentine's Day the domain for this blog should expire, which means this site will probably go down for good.  Or maybe it'll revert to a normal Blogger address?  I'm not really sure exactly what that will do, but by the end of February you can probably go buy from GoDaddy or one of those other places and then try to ransom it back to me.


  1. It'll turn into an ad space ("Buy this domain!"). I'm assuming your normal blogger site will still exist unless you delete it. If you want you can share it and I'll pull this one and add that one. What are you retiring like Michael Jordan?! ;)

  2. Just be sure you leave a path for your admirers to find you.

  3. I've always wanted to be a domain squatter... let me know if you own something else, like, that you're about to lose.



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