Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Reading Challenge: First Half Report

BTW, today through Sunday you can get the second Scarlet Knight "collection" The Wrath of Isis for only 99 cents!  That's 5 huge books for less than a buck.  (Seriously they're all over 100,000 words, especially the last one.)  The first collection is only $2.99 in case you haven't bought it yet.  

In 2013 I read about 250 books.  This year I only set my Goodreads reading challenge to only 200 books, which includes graphic novels (or trade paperback volumes of comics), short stories, etc--whatever is listed on Goodreads or that I add to it.  I've reached the halfway point so here's what I've read so far:

Title Author My Rating Date Read
Age of Ultron Brian Michael Bendis 4 1/1/2014
League of Evil (Girl Power #3) P.T. Dilloway 5 1/2/2014
Cinderella Sims Lawrence Block 4 1/10/2014
Superman: Earth One J. Michael Straczynski 5 1/12/2014
X-Men: Age of X Mike Carey 4 1/15/2014
Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut 4 1/15/2014
Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk Damon Lindelof 4 1/16/2014
Siege Brian Michael Bendis 4 1/17/2014
Fear Itself Matt Fraction 4 1/17/2014
Stardust Neil Gaiman 4 1/17/2014
Silverlock John Myers Myers 4 1/28/2014
Girl Power Stories Volume 1 P.T. Dilloway 5 1/29/2014
Secret Invasion Brian Michael Bendis 3 1/31/2014
The Ultimates, Vol. 1: Super-Human Mark Millar 3 2/1/2014
Girl Power P.T. Dilloway 5 2/1/2014
Secret War Brian Michael Bendis 4 2/1/2014
Marvel Universe: The End Jim Starlin 4 2/2/2014
The Triumph of Evil Lawrence Block 2 2/7/2014
Tales from the Cobra Wars: A G.I. Joe Anthology Max Brooks 3 2/7/2014
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America, Vol. 1 Joe Simon 5 2/9/2014
How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage Sterling Archer 4 2/10/2014
Such Men Are Dangerous Lawrence Block 4 2/11/2014
69 things I do with my Wang: Test to see how dirty your mind is A. Paz 5 2/12/2014
X-Men: Season One (Marvel Season One) Dennis Hopeless 4 2/12/2014
Cassafire Alex J. Cavanaugh 3 2/13/2014
Call Center of Doom (Comedy Sci-fi Short Story) Nigel G. Mitchell 5 2/14/2014
Punisher: Enter the War Zone Greg Rucka 4 2/16/2014
Hollywood Charles Bukowski 4 2/17/2014
The Topless Tulip Caper Lawrence Block 5 2/19/2014
Chip Harrison Scores Again (The Chip Harrison Mysteries) Lawrence Block 4 2/21/2014
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Victor Gischler 3 2/23/2014
The Lay of the Land: Bascombe Trilogy (3) Richard Ford 4 2/23/2014
Make Out with Murder Lawrence Block 5 2/24/2014
No Score Lawrence Block 5 2/26/2014
Pale Moonlight Tony Laplume 5 2/27/2014
Sucker's Portfolio Kurt Vonnegut 4 2/28/2014
Still with Me Thierry Cohen 2 3/1/2014
JLA, Vol. 3: Rock of Ages Grant Morrison 4 3/1/2014
Enough of Sorrow Lawrence Block 4 3/3/2014
The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris 4 3/5/2014
Raising Steam Terry Pratchett 4 3/7/2014
A Hero's Journey (Tales of the Scarlet Knight, #1) P.T. Dilloway 5 3/7/2014
Black Widow: The Name of the Rose Marjorie M. Liu 4 3/8/2014
JLA, Vol. 6: World War III Grant Morrison 5 3/8/2014
Operation: Masquerade Nigel G. Mitchell 5 3/9/2014
Justice League Dark, Vol. 1: In the Dark Peter Milligan 3 3/13/2014
The Natural Bernard Malamud 4 3/13/2014
Shazam!, Vol. 1 Geoff Johns 4 3/16/2014
Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland Tomie dePaola 5 3/17/2014
The Burglar on the Prowl Lawrence Block 4 3/18/2014
Burglars Can't Be Choosers (Rhodenbarr, #1) Lawrence Block 4 3/20/2014
Green Arrow, Vol. 1: The Midas Touch Dan Jurgens 4 3/29/2014
The Flash, Vol. 1: Move Forward Francis Manapul 3 3/29/2014
Sydney's Spaceship Jo Banks 5 3/29/2014
Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas John Scalzi 4 4/3/2014
Dragonfly Warrior Jay Noel 5 4/10/2014
Man Overboard And Other Short Stories Nigel G. Mitchell 5 4/14/2014
Photobomb and Other Stories Tiny Johnson 5 4/16/2014
The Burglar in the Closet (Rhodenbarr, #2) Lawrence Block 4 4/16/2014
Race Against Time Tiny Johnson 5 4/18/2014
Carnage Zeb Wells 4 4/19/2014
Carnage, U.S.A. Zeb Wells 4 4/19/2014
Captain America: Reborn Ed Brubaker 4 4/19/2014
The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (Rhodenbarr, #3) Lawrence Block 4 4/19/2014
The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (Rhodenbarr, #4) Lawrence Block 4 4/21/2014
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 Stan Lee 4 4/22/2014
House of M: Spider-Man Mark Waid 4 4/23/2014
Green Arrow: Year One Andy Diggle 5 4/25/2014
The Accounting William Lashner 4 4/26/2014
Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Power and Responsibility Brian Michael Bendis 4 4/29/2014
Spider-Man: Big Time Dan Slott 5 4/29/2014
Spider-Man: Dying Wish Dan Slott 5 4/30/2014
Buddy Holly Is Alive & Well.. Bradley Denton 4 4/30/2014
Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth Dan Slott 5 5/2/2014
The Universe Versus Alex Woods Gavin Extence 2 5/3/2014
The Wowzer Frank Wheeler Jr. 5 5/8/2014
Deadly Honeymoon Lawrence Block 3 5/9/2014
Spider-Man: Spider-Island Dan Slott 5 5/9/2014
Green Lantern, Vol. 1: Sinestro Geoff Johns 4 5/10/2014
Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench Geoff Johns 5 5/10/2014
The Time Machine H.G. Wells 4 5/10/2014
Dark Origins (Tales of the Scarlet Knight #0) P.T. Dilloway 5 5/10/2014
The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2: A Troubled Mind Dan Slott 5 5/11/2014
The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 3: No Escape Dan Slott 4 5/11/2014
Ultimate Galactus, Vol. 3: Extinction Warren Ellis 3 5/12/2014
The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 4: Necessary Evil Dan Slott 3 5/12/2014
Moving Day: A Thriller Jonathan Stone 3 5/14/2014
Changed into a Little Girl Mindi Flyth 3 5/15/2014
Thunderstruck & Other Stories Elizabeth McCracken 4 5/17/2014
Green Arrow, Vol. 4: The Kill Machine Jeff Lemire 3 5/18/2014
The Crack in Space Philip K. Dick 3 5/19/2014
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) Jim Butcher 5 5/22/2014
A Strange Kind of Love Lawrence Block 4 5/23/2014
Marvel 1602 Neil Gaiman 4 5/25/2014
Fray: Future Slayer Joss Whedon 4 5/25/2014
Spider-Man: Reign Kaare Andrews 3 5/26/2014
2010: Odyssey Two (Space Odyssey, #2) Arthur C. Clarke 3 5/28/2014

2061: Odyssey Three (Space Odyssey, #3) Arthur C. Clarke 2 5/29/2014
3001: Final Odyssey (Space Odyssey, #4) Arthur C. Clarke 3 5/31/2014
Breaking News Nigel G. Mitchell 5 5/30/2014

A lot of comics, Lawrence Block books, and my own books in there.  Well I read most of Vonnegut's and Ian Fleming's books last year so I guess someone else had to take over.

Most Unexpectedly Good Book (by someone I don't know):
The Wowzer by  Frank Wheeler

I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy this because the title made me think of Inspector Gadget cartoons.  Of course it has nothing to do with that.  It's actually about a corrupt deputy sheriff in a little Arkansas town.  If you like shows like Justified, True Detective, Dexter, The Shield, or Breaking Bad then you'd probably like that book because it's in that same anti-hero vein.

Most Unexpectedly Bad Book (by someone I don't know):
Still With Me by Thierry Cohen
This is one of those where I don't know when I bought it or why.  I just saw it in the To Read folder on my Kindle and since it was fairly short I put it on while on a trip up north.  It's something about a guy tries to commit suicide and then he keeps waking up years into the future to find out he's been living all that time and fucking up his life...and I don't know what the hell was going on.  The moral is don't try to commit suicide--unless you're sure you're going to be successful.  Because otherwise you might still live but a demon will take over your life--or something like that.  Probably didn't help this was written by a French person; as if I don't have enough reasons to hate them already!


  1. Woof! That's incredible. At least I've read a couple of titles on that list. :)

  2. Wow.

    I was trying to think how many books I've read/listened to this year. Not nearly as many as you.

    Those Burglar books leaped out at me from the list; I may check them out. I wishlisted that Scalzi book after either you or Andrew mentioned something about it? I think?

    Right now I'm reading Nigel's "Operation:Masquerade." He's good. I've got your Scarlet Knight books in the queue, too, but I jump around a lot. I get more audiobooks in nowadays, driving to and from places and taking Mr F for rides.

    I don't know how you fit it all in.

  3. Oh, also I'll 'fess up: I totally went and checked out the "69 things I do with my wang." That book ought to be up for title of the year.

  4. You are my inspiration. My own endeavors, like reading "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" by Thomas Piketty, pale in importance to the educational value of the X-Men.

  5. Dude, I'm going with the flow and I'm also going to give your own books a 5 out of 5. Hell, make that 6 out of 5. Fuck, you read a lot of books.




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