Friday, January 30, 2015

Spice Up Your Holidays With Gender Swap Erotica!

About four months ago I decided to do a special holiday-themed version of my gender swap series, Transformed for Halloween.  Which recently actually got a nice review:
I feel that Eric is an especially gifted writer of this particular genre. He takes time to set the plot in motion and typically has an unexpected twist at the end. That said, I enjoyed the multiple transformations in this story, especially since they caused the transformed to live the life completely opposite of their own. 
Then since I did Halloween I thought I might as well do Christmas.  And since I did Christmas, I thought Valentine's Day would seem natural.  Which the Valentine's Day one came out about two weeks ago, so go buy it now!

And now since I did Valentine's Day, what other holidays could I do?  I thought of two that are fairly similar.  Tomorrow the first one releases:  Transformed for Mardi Gras!

Though it's not an official holiday, next up on the 15th is Transformed for Spring Break!

I have at least two more planned:  Transformed for St. Patrick's Day


Transformed for Easter

I'm not sure, what holidays could I do after that?  Transformed for Memorial Day would be kind of tacky.  Transformed for Mother's Day?  That could work.  And Father's Day too!  Transformed for Independence Day?  Meh.  Transformed for Labor Day?  Also meh.  Then I suppose I'd have to do a sequel to the Halloween one, thus beginning the cycle all over again.

In the meantime, the oddly titled My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl! did big business this month--at least in the USA.  So maybe crazy titles work.  Or not.  Who's to say?

The other day I finally updated my website--and then Amazon destroyed four of my books.  It was like Smashwords:  you can't have children in erotica books.  Even though one had been on sale for over six months now!  And really all they wanted was for me to reclassify them to another genre.  Instead of just telling me that, they had to go into their Gestapo routine of shutting down the pages on Amazon, blocking my access to the books in question, and then sending me an email.  So then I have to spend an hour loading all four again instead of just reclassifying them, which would have taken maybe 10 minutes.  Plus now I have to go update my website links again.  Jerks.  Would it really kill them to treat authors like human beings and actually communicate with them instead of just raining down Commandments like the Old Testament God?  It makes me want to find a viable alternative to selling on Amazon, though nothing springs to mind.  I guess that's why they figure they can treat people like crap.

Anyway, that's the writing-related stuff going on.  Huzzah.


  1. I confess to not having read these yet, as they're not really my type of thing, but I love that title. So are you supporting yourself entirely with this now? Nice work if you can get it.

  2. Congrats on the review and your sales, but I would be careful with Amazon since they have the power to do whatever they shut your entire account down.



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