Friday, June 12, 2015

Movie! 6/12/15

Thanks a lot America for cursing us with at least another ten years of lame Melissa McCarthy comedies.  Next time you complain Hollywood puts out only crap, remember remember the fifth of June.  Fortunately her reign at the top will be short-lived.

There's really only one movie out this week:  "Jurassic World."  It's basically just a retread of "Jurassic Park" with some "Westworld" and "Futureworld" DNA thrown in.  All of those were Michael Crichton creations, the latter two movies from the 70s starring Yul Bryner.

So this time around they got sick of trying to make real dinosaurs so they came up with dino "hybrids" which are basically just monsters they made up for the purpose of terrorizing people once they run amok.  Instead of a wimp like Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum trying to stop them, they've enlisted Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt. 

Anyway, I'm sure people will go watch this because it's got like monsters and name brand recognition and Chris Pratt.  I'll probably save it for later because I don't care.  Or maybe I'll go watch it some late afternoon when I have nothing else to do.  Honestly this has been a really blah summer movie season.  I watched Avengers 2 with tepid interest but nothing else has got me even the slightest bit stoked.  Ah well, there's always Star Wars in December and Batman/Superman and Captain America 3 (or Avengers 2.5) next year.


  1. I saw Jurassic World last night because I really wanted to go out for frozen yogurt and a movie theater is right next to the fro yo place. It's entertaining. I give it a six out of 10. It's also better than the sequels but not as good as the original. The child actors are annoying and do nothing for the plot. The main female runs from everything wearing high heels. The dialogue is written so that a ten year old can easily understand it. Chris Pratt says, "I am the alpha" is an example because the show wants to feed you the information rather than come to the conclusion yourself. All in all, pretty meh but lots of dino action.

  2. I'm liking your description of "Jurassic World." What next, a live autopsy of a T Rex on the National Geographic Channel?

    I'm so old that any mention of the Avengers makes me think of the cult TV show of the same name. Yep, I'm a bit of a John Steed, not an Emma Peel.

    Nice one, Pat. Three out of five paws for this posting.


  3. So far the reviews are saying Jurassic World is entertaining but not engaging. It doesn't matter since the movie will make 500 billion in it's first weekend including $25 from me.

  4. They found the movie to bring home the money. At least it has some good reviews.

  5. We went to see Jurassic World and enjoyed it. Chris Pratt makes the movie. The high heels running around scenes had me rolling my eyes. Basically, we love dinosaurs, dino movies, documentaries, etc.



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