Friday, July 3, 2015

The #ReplaceaWordWithBulldog Game!

Bulldogs love freedom!
If you're traveling this Fourth of July weekend, here's a fun game you can play in the car--or on Twitter.  On Twitter sometimes people have these games where you replace a word of a movie title or something with another word.  One day I was listening to a CD in my car and thought of replacing a word in the song title with "bulldog" to see what sorts of funny titles I could come up with.  I've kept doing it and sometimes it makes for some pretty interesting new titles.

It's a pretty simple game to play.   For example let's take an easy one:  "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John.  You can change it to:

Tiny Bulldog
Bulldog Dancer

Here's another fun one:  "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" by the Beatles can become "Bulldog in the Sky With Diamonds" or "Lucy in the Bulldog With Diamonds" or "Lucy in the Sky With Bulldogs."  All of them make as much sense as the original.

Obviously you want titles that are more than one word.  And you don't want a title that's like "The Rose" because all you can get is "The Bulldog" and what fun is that?  I allow myself to pluralize "bulldog" for some, but that's it.  You can only change ONE WORD to Bulldog(s); all the rest of the words have to remain the same or else it would be too easy.

Here are some others:
  • Midnight at the Movies = Bulldog at the Movies
  • Little Greenies = Little Bulldogs
  • Anna Begins = Bulldog Begins
  • Rain King = Bulldog King
  • Losing My Religion = Losing My Bulldog (oh no!)
  • The Singer Addresses His Audience = The Bulldog Addresses His Audience/The Singer Addresses His Bulldog
  • Better Not Wake the Baby = Better Not Wake the Bulldog (seriously, they get grumpy)
  • Rhythm of the Night = Rhythm of the Bulldog
  • Never ending Show = Never ending Bulldog
  • Everybody's Got a Story = Everybody's Got a Bulldog (I wish)
  • Red Magic Marker = Red Magic Bulldog
  • In My Place = In My Bulldog (gross!)
  • Awkward Annie = Awkward Bulldog
  • High On a Hill = Bulldog On a Hill (must've carried him)
  • Carry Me Ohio = Carry Me Bulldog
  • Gentle Moon = Bulldog Moon
  • Hope On Fire = Bulldog on Fire (Nooooo!)
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World = Everybody Wants to Rule the Bulldog
  • Suspicious Minds = Suspicious Bulldogs
  • Man in Black = Bulldog in Black
  • Boy Named Sue = Bulldog Named Sue 
  • Solitary Man = Solitary Bulldog
  • This House is Not for Sale = This Bulldog is Not for Sale
  • The Gambler = Bulldog Gambler
  • The Scientist = Bulldog Scientist 
  • Kiss From a Rose = Kiss From a Bulldog (gross)
  • Hold On to the Night = Hold on to the Bulldog
  • High Hopes = High Bulldogs
  • Hunter of Invisible Game = Hunter of Invisible Bulldogs
  • Dream Baby Dream = Dream Bulldog Dream (of bones and cardboard boxes)
  • Land Down Under = Bulldog Down Under (G'day mate!)
  • Wicked Game = Wicked Bulldog 
  • Giant of Illinois = Bulldog of Illinois
  • Show Me the Way = Show Me the Bulldog
  • Big Empty = Bulldog Empty (feed me!) 
  • Such Great Heights = Such Great Bulldogs
  • Last Night of the World = Last Bulldog of the World/Last Night of the Bulldog (both kinda morbid)
  • Wondering Where the Lions Are = Wondering Where the Bulldogs Are
  • Gentle Hour = Gentle Bulldog
  • I'm on Fire = Bulldog on Fire/I'm on Bulldog
  • Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog = Jeremiah Was a Bulldog 
  • Janie's Got a Gun = Bulldog's Got a Gun/Janie's Got a Bulldog (the latter is a lot more benign)
  • All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You = All I Wanna Do is Make Love to...not that.
U2 songs with those really long titles can be fun like:
Where the Streets Have No Name = Where the Bulldogs Have No Name/Where the Streets Have No Bulldogs
City of Blinding Lights = City of Blinding Bulldogs/Bulldog of Blinding Lights/City of Bulldog Lights
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb = How to Dismantle an Atomic Bulldog/How to Dismantle a Bulldog Bomb

Though we're a couple of months from when radio stations start playing Xmas music, this does work pretty good on XMas songs too:
Joy to the World = Joy to the Bulldogs
Angels We Have Heard on High = Bulldogs We Have Heard on High
Silent Night = Silent Bulldog (yeah right)/Bulldog Night
Silver Bells = Silver Bulldogs
Away in a Manger = Bulldog in a Manger
We Three Kings = We Three Bulldogs
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer =  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Bulldog
Blue Christmas = Blue Bulldogs
Happy XMas (War is Over) = Happy Bulldogs (War is Over) (Bulldogs hate war; it interrupts their naps)
Little Drummer Boy = Little Drummer Bulldog
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year =  It's the Most Wonderful Bulldog of the Year
Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer =  Grandma Got Run Over By a Bulldog

If you're so inclined you could do this for movies too like:
Star Wars = Bulldog Wars
Star Trek = Bulldog Trek
Wrath of Khan = Wrath of Bulldogs!
Age of Exinction = Age of Bulldogs
The Dark Knight = The Dark Bulldog/The Bulldog Knight
Jurassic World = Jurassic Bulldog
Iron Man = Iron Bulldog
The Wizard of Oz = The Bulldog of Oz
Gone With the Wind = Gone With the Bulldog
The Third Man = The Third Bulldog

I think you get the point.  Go ahead and see what funny and interesting titles you can come up with!


  1. Those cracked me up. It seems the word Bulldog can go with just about any title.

    Seer of Mars: Bulldog of Mars
    Visionary of Peace: Bulldog of Peace
    Rebel Shifter: Rebel Bulldog
    Realm of Heroes: Realm of Bulldogs. (hahaha)

  2. We're in! We Tweeted Avengers: Age of Bulldogs. Go viral!



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