Friday, August 28, 2015

Stuff I Watched 8/28/15

Here's some stuff I watched in the last week or so:

Dumb & Dumber To:  I wouldn't have paid to watch this, but it was on HBO so what the hell.  The plot is similar to the first one where two idiots go on a road trip to find a hot girl.  Only this time they're going to El Paso to find the daughter of Harry (Jeff Daniels) in order to ask her for a kidney.  Her adopted father is a famous scientist whose wife is trying to poison him so she sends a guy along to kill Harry and Lloyd.  And of course mayhem ensues.  There were some decent gags though obviously it's not as good as the first one.  At the beginning is a meta joke where Harry says, "Wouldn't this have been just as funny 10 years ago?" which is a reference to it taking 20 years to make the movie.  There's another reference to that after the credits.  Do you suppose since Jeff Daniels has had a more consistently good career in the last 20 years that's why it seems in this like Jim Carrey is more his sidekick?  Ponder the mystery. (2/5)

Blunt Talk:  This is a new show on Starz produced by Seth MacFarlane and starring Patrick Stewart.  The first couple of episodes were free on demand, so I could actually watch them.  It was OK.  Stewart's character is a talk show host who is in decline thanks to too many drinks, drugs, and ex-wives.  In the first episode he gets busted with a tranny hooker.  As a penance he interviews himself on air.  The second episode he misses a flight to Texas to cover a hurricane and tries to green screen it from a porn studio.  Overall the show is OK but really I think the humor is based on this character is the complete opposite of how we think of Patrick Stewart, though actually it's pretty mild compared to his character on American Dad.  I'd probably watch more if it weren't on Starz but maybe at some point I'll get a chance to watch future episodes. A couple of interesting factoids:  Brent Spiner (Mr. Data) has a cameo in the first episode and both episodes are directed by Tristam Shapeero, who also directed a bunch of Community episodes I've watched recently.  (2.5/5)

Wing Commander:  Netflix said I might like this movie.  Um, no, not really.  I never played the video games so I had no idea what was going on.  There are bad aliens and a Confederation and "Pilgrims" and stuff about jumping quasars...I have no fucking idea.  The space fighters looked like crap.  This is supposed to be the 27th Century so why do they look like 1950s airplanes?  And why do they put oxygen masks on at times when they're flying?  You're in space, so wouldn't you need the oxygen mask all the time?  We can ignore the sounds in space because of Star Wars.  As you might expect for 1999 the CGI was not great.  The aliens especially looked like shit.  Anyway, further proof that video game movies suck. (1/5)

The Theory of Everything:  It basically felt like a far more boring version of A Beautiful Mind. (2/5)

Let's Be Cops:  Amusing though overly long farce about two idiots who get mistaken for cops and end up taking on police corruption and drug dealers. (2.5/5)


  1. I know my friend has been pushing me to watch "Blunt Talk." I may have to indulge.

  2. Dumb & Dumber To - Saw it and it's a far better sequel than I imagined it would be. I'd recommend it if your a fan of the first, but not if you've never seen it. The twist ending strained credibility for me
    Blunt Talk - Saw the commercials, but I'm still not sure I want to see a messed up version of Stewart. He's a funny guy, but not my style
    Wing Commander - I'm a huge fan of the games which starred Mark Hamill at one point but this movie proves once again that video game movies don't work. I never caught the part about the masks LOL Good point
    Let's Be Cops - It would have made a better SNL sketch
    Theory of Everything - I'll watch it because I'm a Stephen Hawking fan. Inspirational guy

  3. Netflix always tells me that I like movies that I do not. One day I imagine GOOGLE will buy them out and then they will know everything. and get it right.

  4. I wonder if Patrick Stewart drinks iced herbal tea on "Blunt Talk."



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