Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"New" Book Releases!

I recently released three books, none of which are gender swap erotica.  And actually two of them are kind of the same concept.

First there's this:

The zombie apocalypse takes to the sky in this thrilling new series! Major Hunter Hawking was an ace Air Force pilot, but two years after a zombie outbreak and global war have destroyed civilization, he's fighting only to stay alive. Then his old commander calls him back to an island near Seattle where society is trying to rebuild. After a series of successful strikes to root out zombies and criminal elements, Hunter thinks he might finally have a home.

Then a new enemy emerges with an air force of high-tech fighters and a devastating new weapon: tamed zombies that are dropped from the skies. When his new home is killed, Hunter is on his own to track down this enemy and stop them from deploying it again. Along the way he explores the shattered remains of America, bringing hope to those who remain as the Sky Ghost.

I put it up on Kindle Scout but of course it didn't get enough support to be published by Amazon.  I thought of querying it but then decided I don't want to wait a year to never for it to come out.  I kinda need money now, you know?

Buy it for $3.99 from Amazon in Kindle format and from Draft2Digital for other formats

Then there's this, which might seem familiar:

For two years, Casey and her father have survived the zombie apocalypse on a small Michigan island. When they fly off the island to look for supplies, they're saved by the folk hero known as the Sky Shadow. When Casey witnesses a shadowy organization dropping zombies from the air, Casey has to enlist the Sky Shadow's help to stop them before her home ends up next on the list.

If it seems sort of the same as the first one, it's because this was the first draft.  They are completely different stories, but the same concept.  I just threw this cover together in like 15 minutes.

Buy it for $2.99 from Amazon or get it FREE for Kindle Unlimited!

Finally, there's this:

From the pages of the Girl Power superhero series! After a devastating alien attack has left the world in shambles, what's needed more than ever is a global intelligence agency. Enter the Global Autonomous Intelligence Agency, run by Melanie Amis, once the superhero sidekick the Outcast. When one of Melanie's agents goes missing in Africa, it begins to unravel a conspiracy that could throw the world right back into chaos.

I wrote this early in 2014 but I thought I might rewrite it at some point because it's only like 45,000 words.  Now that it has been about 2 years, it seems kind of unlikely I'm going to do a rewrite, so I might as well just publish it.  The only gender swapping in this is a girl who was a guy gets changed back into a guy--and then back into a girl.  Yeah.

Buy it for $2.99 from Amazon or get it FREE for Kindle Unlimited!


  1. Congrats on all the releases, and sorry Kindle Scout didn't work out. You really have to push for those popularity type contests as in constantly pestering people to vote for you. If only it didn't have to be that way.

  2. Wow, lots of new stuff! Glad to see that. By the way, the second book says "Ivana Johnson" even though you wrote it? That could be a bit confusing, I think.

  3. Hey Pat,

    You are quite the prolific writing fucker and I do wish you the best of luck. Consider this post shared, good sir.




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