Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gladys Cabot: The Last Adventure

On the Character Bios in the Special Features page you can read the full bio of Gladys Cabot.  What you may not know is that most of her back story comes from the sequel to A Hero's Journey, tentatively titled Time Enough to Say Goodbye.  In that story Emma flashes back to when her aunt showed up to take care of her.  During that it's revealed that Gladys was kind of a hippie who lived in a bad neighborhood but refused to lock her doors, who didn't own a TV, and spent a lot of her time walking around the city.

Besides walking around the city, she also went adventuring around the world, usually as part of some noble cause.  So she was kind of a Mother Teresa type.  Though perhaps the most giving thing she does is come home to take care of her eight-year-old niece after Emma's parents are killed.

When I was revising the first story, I put in a little bit of that background from the second story in.  Though in this first story Gladys isn't all that important because she's suffering from severe dementia and confined to the nursing home.

Here's a fun fact for you:  If you look at the picture of Gladys and then the one of Emma, the face and hair are identical.  When I made Gladys I just took Emma and aged her a little.  The reason is that Gladys and Emma are supposed to look very similar, so that often people thought Gladys was really Emma's mother.  But she's not; it's just a family resemblance.

H is for the Historical District:  A Window to the Past


  1. I hope the book comes out at the end of the month - I'll forget all this if I end up having to wait a long time.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if you're a frustrated painter.

  3. How did she pay for the "gallavanting around the world" thing? I'd like to go and be a mother Theresa type too. But that requires money, airline tickets, especially if you're going to provide any kind of aid to people. I suppose you could just say she was on a religious mission...but most churches don't pay for that shit either. They require families to "sacrifice" for the person on a mission. Meh. I'll just stay home and dream of being able to afford a vacation to England.

    1. Let's just say her parents were well-insured when they died.

  4. A relation of that famous explorer and 'adventurer', Sebastian Cabot or that fine English actor, "a gentleman's, gentleman", who was also named Sebastian Cabot?



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