Friday, April 6, 2012

H is for Haiku

Actually today isn't the H post for the A to Z challenge.  Anyway, as part of the Best of Everything Star Wars Trivia Challenge, Briane Pagel challenged everyone to write a Star Wars haiku.

I suck at poetry in any form, so I'm mailing this in:

Long time ago in
A galaxy far away
Some cool stuff happened

I think it's the right amount of syllables.  I checked for most of the words.

Woo hoo.  If you want to do better than me (how could you not?) there's still time to get 100 points.


  1. I've been working on one too.

    Wookie wookie woo
    Wookie wookie wookie woo
    Awesome wookie love

    Not sure yet- may need some tweaking. But it's close.

  2. I've never written a Star Wars themed haiku but I love what you've come up with. It's great.

  3. Hey, sometimes simple is best :-)



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