Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Blog/A Hero's Journey

It's day 1 of the A to Z Challenge and also Day 1 of my new author blog.  Gone are the grumpiness and bulldogs, though I know you're as sad as I am to see them go.

Anyway, in the short term at least the point of this blog is to sell my novel A Hero's Journey whenever it comes out.  I wish I had a cool book trailer or anything like that.  Instead I'll just give you a basic description of the story:

Cover by the excellent Rusty Webb

A 19-year-old genius named Emma Earl returns to her hometown of Rampart City to begin working her dream job at the Plaine Museum of Natural History.  On her first day, though, strange and terrible things begin happening, starting with the appearance of a slab of black mineral that no one--including her--can figure out what it is or where it came from.

The black object is just the precursor to an ancient evil that descends upon the city.  To oppose this evil, Emma is led to a suit of magic red plate armor that lets her become a hero known as the Scarlet Knight.  But even with the power of the armor, Emma might not be able to stop darkness from destroying the city.

If you want to learn more about the story, you can find all sorts of stuff on the Special Features page--look for the tab below the header graphic or click here.  We have character bios, deleted scenes, a guide to Rampart City, and the short story that started it all--Heart of a Hero.

At this point I don't know when the book is coming out, but I'd guess in summer sometime.  Until then I'll keep plugging away.  That's right, every letter in the A to Z challenge will relate to the book in some way.

Tomorrow, the origin of Emma's friend Becky Beech.


  1. My god - that's a beautiful cover you have there. I'll be your first customer. Well, one of your first.

  2. It will be interesting and fun to watch an author's journey as you bring your story to market.

  3. I think my favorite thing about your cover is show your name is blended in. Very savvy.

    Looking forward to finding out more!

  4. I see what Stephen did there. Clever. So you now have your Twitter "Grumpy Bulldog" account, and you have this very fancy website and your Twitter "PT Dilloway" account, but... I've never seen the Grumpy Bulldog together in the same room as PT Dilloway.

    The book sounds good. But really, what's selling me is that cover. I can't tear my eyes away from it. I know I must... go... do... other... things, but the BEAUTY OF THAT COVER IS MAKING MY SOUL WEEP TEARS OF HAPPINESS FOR HAVING SEEN IT.

    1. The final cover looks a little different because someone (ahem, the publisher) demanded an inch of space between the edges and the text. Rusty and I like this version better. I'm just saying.

  5. I love your cover. Man it's so good. I don't even know what mine looks like yet and it comes out in just a few weeks. DDP does the cover the very last, then hurls it out the door like a pizza delivery with no Tip.

  6. Love the blurb - already interested. And you don't need a trailer, the cover's good enough!!!

  7. Well... the cover's great.
    Where did you find that artist?

  8. I love the cover - and the blurb sounds pretty interesting too.

  9. Somehow I was knocked unconscious during the blog move and only stumbled over here just now. I am joining the chorus of "awesome cover": awesome cover. Looking forward to learning more about Emma and friends this month.

  10. Oh that's a cool story idea. Good luck with it! I'll have to check out the more info about it.



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