Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weapons of Choice: Scarlet Knight vs. Black Dragoon

The weapons for the Scarlet Knight and Black Dragoon have changed slightly over the last four thousand years.  The first weapon for the Scarlet Knight was a spear with a golden point while the first Dragoon weapons were extremely sharp animal claws, like those you might find on a grizzly bear.  Over time the Scarlet Knight's spear became a sword of differing lengths from a more Roman-style short sword to a longer blade more popular with warriors in the Middle Ages.  The Dragoon's claws became metal and gained new abilities.

The arms race stopped around the 17th Century, when the Scarlet Knight's sword and Black Dragoon's claws became for the most part what they still are today.  Here's a more detailed breakdown of their weapons:

Dragoon claws:  Like Wolverine or Freddy Krueger, the Black Dragoon's main weapons are metal claws.  He has one claw to each finger (and thumb) for a total of ten.  Plus there is one larger spike on each of the Dragoon's feet.  The claws are razor-sharp, sharp enough to pretty much cut through anything--including the Scarlet Knight's armor.  The claws can also be fired like darts at longer-range targets.  After all the claws on a hand are gone, they can also regenerate.  The spikes on the feet have the same ability.  The claws and spikes can also vary in size, from a couple inches long to several feet.  When the claws are longer they can also be broken off to use like a spear, which is good for keeping an enemy at bay.  These capabilities make the Dragoon a very deadly opponent.

Artist's conception of the Sword of Justice
Sword of Justice:  The Scarlet Knight's weapon is known as the Sword of Justice.  The current design is based on a Japanese samurai sword instead of a European longsword.  The blade is made entirely of a golden material (not actual gold) that can slice through anything on this planet--including the Black Dragoon's armor.  The Sword of Justice will glow in the presence of evil, especially the presence of the Dragoon.  For longer-range targets, the Sword of Justice can be controlled by the Scarlet Knight through mental telepathy.  Maneuvering the sword is one of the most difficult skills for any Scarlet Knight to master, but once he does, he can guide the sword around any obstacles from long distances, even while engaged with other enemies.  Should anyone except the Scarlet Knight try to wield the sword, it will turn red hot, hot enough to vaporize someone's hand if he tries holding onto it for too long.  All of this makes the Sword of Justice an extremely valuable weapon in the Scarlet Knight's battle against evil.

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  1. First, awesome teaser for tomorrow.

    Second, the Sword of Justice sounds great. It might earn a place in the pantheon of great superhero gadgets.

    Excellent, excellent stuff here. I can't even think of anything snippy to say about it. I'm going to have to extra-mock someone else to make up for it. I'M COMIN' FOR YOU, RUSTY.

  2. Interesting that much of your tale is loosely derived from European history, yet this all-important blade is based on Japanese design. Very interesting.

  3. Good stuff - So, I take it the magic sword will cut through the Dragoon's claws? How do you sheath somthing that sharp? If it can cut through anything then it'd make a mess out of a leather scabbard.

    1. The answer to any questions like that is "because it's magic," which also encompasses the sheath.

  4. Hey PT,
    I must say, your ongoing working through the alphabet and your take on it, is most interesting and hey, all very magical n' stuff....

  5. Okay, tomorrow's just scares me.



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