Monday, March 11, 2013

Comic Captions 3/11/13

It's time for this week's installment of Comic Captions, where you get to recaption a comic book panel, with possibly hilarious results.  Or possibly unintentionally hilarious results.

This week's is another taken from The Adventures of Superman #500

Jonathan Kent:  Son, why don't you pull over and ask for directions already?

And now you try to top me.  Give it your best shot!


  1. Jonathan Kent: Thanks for giving me a lift to the hospital.

  2. Let's get outta' here! We are being chased by a giant pin!

  3. "Worst. Three-legged Race. EVER"

  4. I don't think Gary and Briane's captions are appropriate for the picture. There's a heart beat monitor on the bottom. Why would there be a three-legged race or being chased by a giant pin? There is obviously some kind of medical emergency going on which is why my caption is about a trip to the hospital.

  5. "We're going to find out what happened to Tom Grummett?!?"

  6. Is Michael trolling other people's captions? That's hardcore.

    "Son, watch out for that giant green heartbeat monitor underneath us. It might be made of kryptonite... because it's green. And where's your cape? Also. I'm old."

  7. Shoot, how do you top the masters? I think Brian nailed it already.

    Hmm; well . .

    "Dude; how far does this oxygen bubble extend beyond your body circumference?"




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