Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Phony Photos: March

From my SIMply the Best Calendar, this is March's page, because it's March.  In case you didn't yet grasp the correlation.

This is another one of those where they're all the same character.  On the left is a grown-up Edie with a tan.  In the center is Edie at 17 or so.  The bottom right is also Edie at 17 or so but with a more formal look.  And then at the top is Edie at about 8 or so.

I made all these pretty much at the same time so the noses and stuff more or less match.  I always wish there were an edit button for after I've made people for when I want to go back and edit them instead of having to recreate them from scratch.  Oh well, I guess I'm about 8 years too late to ask for that.

Tomorrow I review something!


  1. I'm just about out I words here. Good work though. I like the layout of your calendar.

  2. Hasn't Sims updated to avoid that elongated face feature? These are not bad, but the Sims people don't look even as real as Andy in Toy Story.

    1. The Sims 3 might be better at that but my computer is a piece of shit and can't use that very well. Also I couldn't get screen captures out of it, which kind of defeated the purpose.

  3. Nice job Pat. The hair in the top left pic suits her best

  4. I wouldn't have a clue how to create portraits like these and I find them impressive.

  5. I do think it is impressive work that you do with the Sims. I'm thinking of downloading SimCity that just came out but may wait to see if they can stomp the bugs out of it.

  6. Very well done, PT! I reckon your calendar is SIMply the best, better than all the rest...

  7. A calendar of your characters sounds like a fun idea. Love the Sims.

  8. For the purposes of this comment, I have never seen your SIMS work before. It's simply a...mazing!



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