Sunday, July 28, 2013

Box Office Blitz Season 2 Week 3 Results!

Even though right now I'm just lazing around in the motel room watching the Tigers, I'm still on vacation so I'm going to make this quick.

The top 3 this weekend were:
Wolverine $55M

I was surprised the Conjuring had that much staying power which is why I didn't pick it.
I picked Wolverine, DM2, and then Conjuring for 400 points total

Rusty scored a trifecta for 900 points
David Walston also a trifecta for 900
Maurice Mitchell picked Wolverine for 200 total plus 100 for DM2 for 300 total
Andrew Leon got a trifecta for 900
Chris Dilloway also got a trifecta for 900
Briane Pagel eventually picked Wolverine for 200 and Conjuring for 300 for 500 total

The winner is Chris Dilloway since he was closest to Wolverine's 55M take.  He gets the 300 bonus for 1200 total.  Hooray nepotism!


  1. I was out of town this weekend and actually saw the Conjuring with my friend Melissa (she loves scary movies). I don't know if I really liked it all that much.

  2. I'm amazed that DM2 keeps going so strong.

  3. Congrats Chris...I smell nepotism though. ;)

  4. I was in Dallas all this week, but I'm thinking Conjuring will die off quickly. Heard it was a mixed bag.

    Looking forward to The Wolverine.



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