Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shameless Plugging

Last year when I couldn't think of anything to review I just wrote reviews of some of the books published by my imprint.  So now since I can't think of anything for the extra Wednesday I'll just cover the ones I didn't get to because they weren't released yet or I just didn't have time for.  If you want to buy them, just click the "Buy My Books!" tab above or go to

Waking Prometheus:  In this novella written 12 years ago, Brent Gallowes is a CPA and family man until one night when his family is killed in a completely random act of violence.  Brent eventually takes to the stars as a freighter captain.  Years later he's a broken-down drunk and smuggler, until he's sent on a covert job to recover something from a wrecked freighter near Jupiter.  What that is changes his life forever--not necessarily for the better--and could change the lives of everyone on Earth!

The Naked World:  The further adventures of the Scarlet, er, Grey Knight!  Many years after his series was cancelled, Henry Barton is rotting away in a nursing home.  His only friend is a kid who visits him at the home.  Eventually Henry goes off his nut and starts terrorizing a small California town as the Grey Knight.  Meanwhile his sidekick--the kid--has to try to find a way to get him safely back to the home.  It's kind of like Don Quixote without all the "Impossible Dream" bunk.  Maybe I should call it a gritty Don Quixote reboot?

Virgin Territory:  Gary is a lonely young man who hides out in northern Michigan until one night as he's walking the beach he finds a woman's naked body.  The woman is still alive and so Gary takes her back to his place to recover.  But when she comes to, she has no idea who she is or how she ended up by the lake.  They go to a local doctor and the cops but don't get anywhere.  Gary decides to help the girl--whom he names Andrea after a former girlfriend--find out who she is.  As they search, they begin to fall for each other, which is virgin territory for them both!  (This book got 2 thumbs up from Mr. Pagel a while back on one of his blogs; don't ask me which one.)  Incidentally, the photo on the cover is one I took in Traverse City, MI back in 2011.  It seemed appropriate for a story taking place in northern Michigan to use a picture from that general area.  Plus it was free!

The Last Conquest:  This was intended to be a rewrite of my earlier book The Changing Seasons, but it went to darker places.  It's the story of a womanizing jerk named Harry.  His elderly father dies and he has some problems with his older brother.  He has even more problems when he actually falls in love with a young woman named Susie.  When something tragic happens to Susie, Harry struggles to come to terms with his life of sin and vice.  (Incidentally the cover is meant to invoke 50 Shades of Grey.  I'm not sure how successful that strategy has been.  People on Goodreads hate this book but don't say why.  Find out for yourself!)

A Necessary Innocence:  Also intended to be a rewrite of my earlier book The Changing Seasons!  This one too goes to darker places at times.  When it starts out, Nate is a shy, nerdy outcast who spends a lot more time writing a comic book series than thinking about girls.  Then his fat, nerdy friend Abby starts to hang out with boys and Nate finds himself alone.  That is until he goes to a farmhouse that doubles as an illicit club, where a woman is more than happy to teach him all about the carnal mysteries...yeah it gets a little steamy in parts.  (Of all three I still think the original Changing Seasons is best.  As an added impetus, the original Changing Seasons is the most autobiographical thing I've written, though still largely fictional, so if you ever wanted to know about me, there you go.)

A Light From the Darkness:  The quality of this book is somewhat dubious because I was only 16 when I wrote it.  Carson McCullers I was not.  It's the story of a girl named Katie who's taken in by a local crime syndicate boss.  When the boss is killed, Katie steps in to take over for him.  But then she meets an intrepid reporter named Dave and falls in love.  Then Katie starts to plot how to get out of the crime syndicate, but it's not the kind of thing where they just let you quit and walk away, so she has to burn the whole thing down to get her freedom.

(I have stuff older than this on old Apple II disks in my closet somewhere and in notebooks.  Those will remain in the vault unless upon my death you can persuade a relative to give them to you, which probably wouldn't be difficult.)


  1. I think I've asked this before and forgive me if you've answered and I missed it, but how many novels have you written? You seem amazingly prolific.

    1. By my count I have 40 for sale, though actually a few of those would technically be novellas.

  2. You are indeed prolific. Nice lineup, too. I didn't know you had any other pennames

  3. That cover is straight out of the 50 Shades category. Nice list!

  4. Mr, Multi-Pseudonym,

    Impressive! I will check it and as always, share your post, even on 'Farcebook'!

  5. So you started writing whole novels back then?

    I think one of these days we should all have a Grumpy Bulldog Review Blogfest -- where we all talk about our favorite Grumpy books. Maybe I'll put that together. With 40 books, you're sort of like Piers Anthony or Kurt Vonnegut. (Both meant as compliments.)

    I'll also have to go find my "Rum Punch Review" of your book, repost it.

    "People on Goodreads hate this but won't say why." I loved that line.



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