Sunday, August 25, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 7 Results!

I should really stop picking new movies to win.  No one cares about new movies I guess.  Really of last week's releases other than "The Butler" the next highest is "Kick-Ass 2" in 10th place.  Again, August is when they chuck out the crap.  And how about the staying power of "We're the Miller?"  It's like the "Identity Thief" of the summer.  Anyway, here are the studio estimates for the weekend:

  1. The Butler $17M
  2. We're the Miller $13.5M
  3. Mortal Instruments $9.3M

Really, the only new movie to make the top 3 this week couldn't even break $10M.  I guess I was really misled by those commercials showing their mall tour of the movie full of screaming fans.  SMH.

My crappy picks were:
  1. Mortal Instruments $30M
  2. You're Next $25M
  3. The Butler $18M
I get 100 for Mortal Instruments and 100 for the Butler for 200 total.  I suck.

Rusty picked:
You're Next - $ 18 mil
The Butler $ 15 mil
We're the Millers $13 mil

That's 100 for Butler and 100 for Millers for also 200 total.

David Walton picked:
The Butler $16M
The Mortal Instruments $13M
We're the Millers $12M

That's 200 for Butler and 100 each for Mortal and Millers for 400 total.

Briane Pagel picked:

1. World's End: $20 mil
2. You're Next $18 mil
3. The Butler $15 mil.

That's 100 for Butler.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. You're Next $15 m
2. The Butler $14 m
3. We're the Millers $13 m

That's 100 for Butler and 100 for Millers.

And the winner this week is my brother Chris who picked:
The Butler - $18
The Millers - $14
You're Next - $13

That's 200 for Butler and 300 for Millers for 500 total plus the 300 bonus.  This rockets him up into second place, just behind Rusty.

I will check the official results on Monday afternoon just in case there's any change with third place, though no one picked World's End (currently in 4th) for 3rd place so I don't think it would change the results. If you're wondering, "You're Next" came in 7th.  I guess people have had enough low-budget horror movies for the summer?


  1. Man, I was gone all day on Friday and completely forgot to do this when I got home. Bah!
    Not that I would have done well, I think. I was leaning towards World's End.

  2. The Butler seems to be hanging in there. The critics seem to be liking it better now that the public is endorsing it.

  3. I'm hearing mixed reviews of Mortal Instruments. Sounds like it won't be able to transcend the book's fans.

  4. I did go see World's End over the weekend. Maybe my favorite movie of the year. Too bad no one else saw it.



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