Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Night's Legacy

The situation with this is that in 2011 I wasn't sure I could sell the Scarlet Knight series.  My favorite was the sixth book, Future Shock, so I decided to spin off the core concept into a stand-alone book.

That core concept is there's a superhero who gets badly injured and then her ne'er-do-well daughter has to take her place.  For her whole life Lois Locke has lived in the shadow of her genius mother.  She's spent years on the run, until after she stops a couple of jerks from attacking her and the police take her in.  She's forced to go back to her mother's house and work in her mother's museum.

One night bad guys break in to steal a scepter of Ra and cripple the heroic Silver Seraph.  Lois to her horror finds out the Seraph was her all too perfect mom.  Worse yet, Lois is tapped as her replacement.

Now she has to find the bad guys who crippled her mom and bring them to justice, which also means taking responsibility for the first time in her life.

It's a lot like the sixth Scarlet Knight book, though with less weirdness.  There aren't witches or rogue goddesses, just a magic scepter versus magic armor--perfectly normal!  If you're afraid of committing to an 8-book series, this is a good place to get your feet wet.  The Silver Seraph has pretty much all the same powers as the Scarlet Knight, so there's not much difference except the color scheme.

Since I then sold the first Scarlet Knight book (temporarily) I haven't done anything more with this series, though obviously I could.  Lois is a fun character because she is almost the polar opposite of Emma Earl--or Jessica something in this book.  Lois is a tough loudmouth not afraid of anyone.  She does have her mother's smarts--and her big feet.  Unfortunately for her she got some of her dad's looks too like his pointy nose, so if I ever make a Sim of her she won't be that attractive.

The book has already been a "bestseller" in the UK on Amazon, so come on, America, get with the program!

This and the rest of my books are available at the new Planet 99 Publishing site


  1. Sounds fun and reminds me of when Super Boy took over for Superman or when Robin took over for Batman or when Bucky Barnes took over for Captain America...

  2. Those Brits always were sharper than us. Congrats Pat!

  3. A best seller in Britain? Nice! I really dig the cover of this one as well. :)



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