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Renee Kim, Betrayal Begets Blood

An odd fact:  of all the books I've written, none starts with an R.  I don't think any even have a word in them that starts with R.  That seems odd as you know popular that letter is from Wheel of Fortune along with STLNE.  I do have a few characters whose name begins with R.  The only main character I can think of is Robin Holloway, but I've used all the Girl Power books.  So let's go with Renee Kim, who is first featured in the 5th Tales of the Scarlet Knight book Betrayal Begets Blood, though she's featured more in the 8th book, The Heart of Emma Earl.

Anyway, the most important thing about Renee is she does not live in the same universe as the Scarlet Knight.  She lives in a parallel universe.  Most everything is the same in this universe except Rampart City was founded by Swedish explorers and thus named New Stockholm.  Because of this there are also a few other Swedish-related differences, like instead of Wal-Mart, IKEA is the store people go to for pretty much everything and instead of McDonald's they have something called Olga's.

OK it's hard to find Goth clothes for kids.
But as you might have guessed, Renee is not Swedish.  She's of Korean descent.  And she's only nine
years old.  Despite being only nine, Renee is in high school because she is a genius.  The idea is that Renee is the Emma Earl of her universe.  Only Renee's personality is a lot different.  She's kind of a loudmouth who dresses like a Goth and dyes her pigtails weird colors like turquoise, neon red, or DayGlo orange.

When we get into her family life, we find out she does this mostly to try to get her father's attention.  He runs his own investment firm and spends pretty much every waking moment running it and trading on the various exchanges.  Renee's mother died shortly after she was born; she suffered from post-partum depression and took her own life, which is also part of why her father doesn't like to spend time with Renee.

Through most of the fifth book Renee's body is inhabited by Akako, the Japanese record keeper of the witch coven from Emma's universe.  Later when Akako has a baby she names it Renee after the little girl who touched her life.  In the sixth book we meet that Renee in the future when she's struggling to control her odd witch powers--she's kind of like Rogue of the X-Men only with magic.  In the 7th book little Renee is kidnapped by bad people while her mother is exiled to yet another parallel world.

It gets confusing in the 8th book as we have three different Renee's.  There's this Renee Kim, Akako's baby Renee (also the evil witch adult version of her), and then a cameo by the Renee Kim of Emma's universe, who is older but largely the same in personality.  Maybe people would find it hard to keep track of all of them, though they never interact with each other.

So basically there are a lot of Renee's contributing to the last four books of the series.

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