Thursday, April 17, 2014

Omega, League of Evil

In the Bible there's a verse about "the Alpha and Omega," Omega being the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  That gives it an ominous quality I used for the name of the world-devouring alien in the third Girl Power story.

Long before it appears, "Omega" has been arranging events on Earth to soften it up.  It has the planet's greatest hero Apex Girl arrested by the Galactic Peacekeepers on trumped-up charges.  Then it has a "League of Evil" tie up the rest of the heroes so an alien weapon can turn the planet's population into women who are afraid of their own shadows.

With everyone so scattered and off-balance it seems easy enough for Omega's robot minions to take over the planet so all life can be harvested.  But of course it won't be that simple.

It made sense to me for the "last" book in the series to raise the threat level with a Galactus-type villain.  Though we don't actually see Omega for most of the book as it's working behind the scenes most of the time.  It's one of the few characters I couldn't create a Sim for since you can't create world-devouring moons in the game.  Basically imagine a huge orange painted black with one section cut out and the spot where that section would be is bright red.  Inside are essentially cities dedicated to manufacturing and repairing the robot minions and processing all the spoils for energy and so forth.

If you want to know what happens to Omega, think Avengers, Pacific Rim, Independence Day, etc.

Like the last Scarlet Knight book I sort of threw a bunch of stuff out there for this "last" installment of the series.  There's Galactus and the Green Lantern Corps, plus I throw some time travel into the mix when the Velocity Girls go 20 years into the future to an apocalyptic world devoid of animal life.  The time travel leads to a little deux ex machina as Velocity Kid/Man gets stranded in the future for decades and uses that time to figure out how to destroy Omega.  But while to the reader's perspective this seems to happen very quickly you have to realize in her/his world something like 60 years goes by.  Time travel is a bitch.

One thing I did realize is I really have a thing for robots, probably from all the Transformers I watched as a kid.  (And Robotech, Voltron, etc.)  In the first book one of the villains is Dr. Roboto who (shockingly) is a cyborg who uses a giant robot dinosaur to terrorize Tokyo.  In the second book again bad guys use giant robots to attack the Earth.  And Omega is essentially a moon-sized robot with legions of smaller robot henchmen.  And Ion Man/Ion Girl has a cool robot suit that is in no way similar to that Marvel hero portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.  (ahem.)  There's kind of a pattern there I guess.

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  1. Omega is also an evil Time Lord in Doctor Who, but you borrow from what you know.

  2. Thought of Omega from Doctor Who too, but that's because I've been brainwashed by Woovians since 1985.

    I've got a thing for robots too. Voltron, Robotech, Transformers (screw GoBots), and Battle of the Planets....that's the stuff that needs to come back in a big way. Thanks for keeping it alive!

  3. Ion Girl sounds absolutely nothing like Iron Man.

  4. Time travel? Tricksy! Hope it all works out. (Maybe it already has)
    And happy A-Z'ing :)

  5. Hmm... yeah... robots...
    I still remember my first Transformer.

  6. Didn't enjoy the pacific rim film, but did enjoy your post.
    Nice to meet and connect through the atozchallenge.



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