Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where You Belong

Seriously, what else would I use for W, right?  Damn straight.

Where You Belong is of course my magna opus about a guy with the unusual name of Frost Devereaux and the strange turns his life takes really from his conception on through what was then the present.  His parents never loved each other; his father was a drifter and gambler whose one night stand turned into about three years when he gets the girl knocked up.  But then when Frost is three his mother is killed in a car accident that also leaves Frost with terrible scarring on his face.  His father is at last free to take off, leaving Frost in the care of his aunt, who largely ignores him and the nurse who delivered him in a car during a blizzard.  (Her last name was Frost which is how he got his name.)

He'd have probably turned into some creepy social recluse and/or serial killer except in kindergarten he meets the Maguire twins Francis and Frances (or Frank and Frankie) who begin to steer the course of his life over most of the next 3 decades.  Much of this Frost is pining for Frankie while Frank is lusting after him.  Starting in high school Frost gets interested in writing and eventually pens a series of children's books called Intergalactic High.

And really if you want to know more about Frost, just read his fake Wikipedia page:
(Five years later and I still think that's fucking brilliant.)

Gay marriage is a large part of the story but I hate saying it's about gay marriage.  Because really it's about all marriage.  The idea is that Frost has two marriages, one to Frankie and one to Frank and neither one works out.  Because marriage isn't about compatible genitals--it's about compatible people.  It turns out Frost isn't right for either of the Maguire twins, largely because they're manipulative jerks.

If you want to complain about Frost being too passive I will scream in your face, "That's the fucking point!!!"  Because it is.  The idea at the end is that Frost has to take control of his destiny for the first time, wresting it away from the Maguires and their schemes.  Because even though we have free will sometimes we let other people guide us to where we don't want to be.

Anyway I have figuratively spent days talking about this book since 2009.  If you want go Google it and you'll probably still find plenty of old interviews and blog posts.  So let me just say it's awesome and it's worth much more than 99 cents on Kindle and Smashwords and $17.99 in paperback.

This and the rest of my books are available at the new Planet 99 Publishing site

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