Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dear Reader: It's a Trap!

One of the most common complaints I receive is stories are too mean.  Waaaah, it doesn't end Happily Ever After!  To which I just usually roll my eyes.

I  know I've mentioned before this one person who left a good review for one story and then submitted a bunch of bad reviews on "mean" stories, many of which were obviously not cozy fare like Goth girl stories.

The height of this person's idiocy then came when she complained about a book going into "punishment land" and the first sentence of the description was:
When Harry Nelligan's wife finds out he's going to a website featuring videos of Asian girls, she decides on a unique way of revenge.
It says right in the first sentence it's a story about revenge!  So of course it goes to "punishment land" you fucking moron!  I mean, what, you thought she'd get revenge by sending him a strongly-worded letter? 

So then I decided to set a trap for morons like this.  I decided to write a new series called "Dark Gender Swap" that are not cozy, go to fucking "punishment land," and do not end Happily Ever After.  And if you have a problem with that, well, it's called DARK Gender Swap, so what the fuck did you think it meant?

The first of these stories is called "Simone Says."  It's a take on the old "Simon Says" game.  In this case, a cheating husband's wife puts a curse on him so whenever she says, "Simone Says..." he has to do whatever comes next.  If she says "Simone Says, you're a woman now" then he turns into a woman.  And it just snowballs from there.

I used an evil font and stuff so I think I did pretty much everything I could to spell out this isn't a fucking cozy story.  So far no one's bit on it or the second one.  Too bad.  But maybe someday someone will.

The first couple of days it was for sale it actually sold well enough to be a #1 New Release in both Transgender Erotica and Lesbian Erotica.  It sounds more impressive than it is sales-wise, but still, I'll take it.

 Hooray, #1 in a paid something category!


  1. Yeah you pretty much telegraphed that. If anyone doesn't recognize it they shouldn't be surprised. Maybe you could title them like the "Unfortunate Events" books.

  2. I like that font. It's very dark and evil. I would expect nothing but vile content from a publication like this.

  3. Perhaps you've discovered the latest hot sub-genre.



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