Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chiostro: How Agnes Bewitched Alejandro

Old Agnes
In the Character Bios section of the Special Features, you can read about Agnes Chiostro.  The short version is that Agnes is a witch who's 512 years old.  For the purposes of today's A to Z Blogfest post, we're focusing on her last name and how she got it.

Agnes was born as Agnes Joubert and she lived for almost 300 years with that moniker.  Then one day Agnes went to a church in Marseilles, France for the christening of a friend's daughter.  After the service, Agnes saw a handsome younger man praying for good weather so that he could return to Italy.

It was love at first sight--at least for Agnes.  The man didn't see her and if he had, she would have appeared to be an elderly woman.  Agnes took care of that back home using a potion of her own design to make her young and beautiful again.  She also used a spell in order to create stormy weather around Marseilles that would keep the man from leaving.

Young Agnes
The next day she went back to church and found the man there again.  This time she caught his eye.  She learned then his name was Alejandro Chiostro and he was the owner of a vineyard in Tuscany.  Agnes's family was also in the wine business, which gave them plenty to talk about as their courtship proceeded on normal lines.

The problem for Agnes is that a witch is not supposed to marry a normal person, a "mortal."  It's a crime that could lead to her being stripped of her powers or even killed by the rest of her coven.  Instead Agnes's punishment was in some ways perhaps more severe.  The head of her coven told her that her punishment would be watching her new family grow old and die while she remained living long after them.  Despite that, Agnes still doesn't regret becoming a Chiostro.

D is for Dan Dreyfus:  The Missing Years


  1. I guess ironic punishments mean more when you're immortal. Although, Homer seemed okay in Hell when they force fed him donuts. Hell's bakery couldn't keep up in the end.

    I always wondered if I could fake being appalled at some form of punishment that was lame, i.e., 'you're going to punish me by making me read Hugo and Nebula winning stories instead of getting to watch reality TV? Oh no, this is horrible.'

  2. This sounds like a rich and complex story.

  3. That sounds very romantic and also sad. I really think you should watch SyFy's "Being Human". You'd probably love the romantic entanglements of the paranormal characters and get all weepy like I did, when bad things and heartbreak force them apart. Oy...last night's episode was such a tearjerker.

    And yes...my whole "theme" this month is Pixar. Nearly every post will feature a Pixar .gif or picture.

    Not all...but most. Like there are some where I do actually talk about my book and then a couple that feature Modern Family (J) for Jugs because I wanted to talk about boobs...


    1. Hmmm, a gay guy talking about boobs should be really interesting.

      If I were going to watch "Being Human" I'd watch the British version on Netflix because I just assume the British version of everything American TV steals is much better.

  4. Yeah, like the British version of X-Factor where the host made a sex tape, then found said sex tape being posted on the Internet, then said that she'd never made a sex tape at all but still demanded that the sex tape she said DID NOT feature her should be taken down, then admitted that she made a sex tape.

    At least in America, our celebs own up to having sex tapes. USA! USA! USA!

    This story sounds like a good one to flesh out in later volumes, when you are simply shilling the "PT Dilloway" name and having a bunch of college kids churn out stories.

    I am seriously impressed with the amount of work you real writers putting into characterization, world building, and other elements of storytelling. I'm starting to feel like Michael Bay sitting in a room with Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan.

    1. Most of the backstory for Agnes, her sister Sylvia, and the Joubert family comes from a prequel story I wrote back in 2010. You can read it for free! (Though riddled with typos and continuity errors probably.) http://sylviajoubert.blogspot.com/

      You know what's sad though is Spielberg executive produced Bay's crappy Transformers movies. And by executive produce I guess he must have just shown up at a meeting and said, "Show me the money!"

    2. I'm pretty sure it was Spielberg that picked Bay to make those movies.
      And I think he's producing Bay's new TMNT movie, too; although, I haven't verified that.

    3. Ha ha, yeah that train wreck of a ninja turtles movie where they're from outer space. Worst idea ever.

  5. Witches never said they play fair. Interesting C post.

    Am now following. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Oh that was fun! Those clever witches! That fellow never had a chance...

  7. Hello PD. Thanks for finding my blog/following. I've returned the compliment and am so glad I did. This is an intriguing post. I'm not sure if it's part of a book you've written or not...


  8. What a great idea for April. Well conceived story too. Thanks for following me!

  9. She looks fantastic for 512! Romance, intrigue and magic make for an exciting story! Thanks for following me, and I hope to see more of you! Julie

  10. More often than not, true love just leads to trouble for at least one of the people involved.



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