Friday, April 6, 2012

Financial District: Center of It All

Here's an excerpt from the Rampart City Travel Guide 2012:

The Financial District is on the south end of the island, so it’s not technically the center of Rampart City and yet it is the heart of the city in many ways.  A large chunk of the world’s money goes through the stock exchanges and banks congregated in that section of the city on a daily basis.
To make the financial district officially the most important part of the city, Rampart’s government moved there shortly after World War II, when the city was still prospering from the post-war boom.  To go with city hall and the other government buildings, a pedestrian mall was created that became known as Executive Plaza because of course the city’s executives were situated nearby, not to mention the executives of several Fortune 500 companies.
Executive Plaza has not only a square for walking, but in winter there’s also an ice rink and the city’s Christmas tree.  There’s space enough for many of Rampart’s citizens to congregate there for other celebrations like Founder’s Day, Independence Day, and so forth.  The city also commissioned world-renowned sculptor Adrian Rizzard to design sculptures of the city’s greatest leaders to adorn the plaza.
But these days the crowned jewel of Executive Plaza is Robinson Tower.  After its construction in 1973, the majestic black glass tower was the tallest building in the world.  Others have since surpassed it, but the tower still dwarfs the other skyscrapers in the financial district.  Visitors to the building can go up to the observation deck, where they can get an impressive view of the entire city, not to mention a considerable portion of the surrounding states and the Atlantic Ocean.
Despite the location of police headquarters in Executive Plaza, visitors are still encouraged to be wary of criminal activity.  Pickpockets are widely known to prowl the crowded plaza, looking for a likely target.  And as always, caution should be taken in the area after dark.

G is for Gladys Chabot:  The Last Adventure


  1. Very informative. Truly a superhero author.
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  2. An island city, with the world's tallest building, and a southerly-located financial district that in many ways controls the city?

    PREPOSTEROUS. Such a thing could never exist in the REAL world.

    Does this mean that someday, we're going to have to deal with an "Expanded Universe" Scarlet Knight in which we go back 170 years to find out what these founders did? Because if we're going to do that, they'd better at least knife fight. I'm not watching ANY historical drama that doesn't have a knife fight in it.

  3. I love the detail you've put into Rampart City. It sounds exciting and will be a fun and engaging setting for the Scarlet Knight books I'm sure. I can't wait to read it.

  4. I'm just learning about dystopian literature. Does the Scarlet Knight take place in our world or merely one similar to ours?

  5. I assume this is the setting for your novel(s). I like the way you planned it out.

  6. I puttered around the site a few weeks ago and found this map. I got pretty excited when I saw it. Maps make everything better. Everything.

    So, I hope they put it in your book.

  7. This has all the makings of a very interesting, must purchase, bored game, sorry, board game. I wish I had your confidence when it comes to writing.........

  8. Will you be writing about the other districts too?

  9. You seem to have the world building side of things covered. I started off thinking this was a real city.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough



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