Monday, May 7, 2012

Wednesday Superhero Trivia: Fabulous Prizes At Stake!!!

For the second Wednesday of the month I'm ripping off Briane Pagel's Star Wars Trivia Challenge idea, which I can do, at least until he files an injunction to stop me--being a lawyer he can do stuff like that.  Anyway, my rules are much simpler.  Wednesday morning at noon EST I'll post a trivia question that somehow relates to superhero lore because that's what my book deals with in case you haven't realized by now.  Will noon (EST) work for everyone or should it be sooner/later?

  • The first person to answer correctly wins a $5 gift card from Amazon.*
  • For everyone else, I will select one person using a random number generator to win a $1 gift card from Amazon.*

Cutoff for entering is 11:59pm EST on Wednesday.  Results will be announced Thursday.

*In order to receive the gift card you must have a valid Email or Facebook account to send it to.  I'm not mailing you a card for $5 or $1, OK? 

Now go spread the word.  Or don't if you want better odds of winning.

And since I'm being so generous today, I'm also giving away four FREE eBooks!  I won four eBooks in the Star Wars Trivia Challenge but I pretty much have all of the ones listed, so I'm letting four lucky people claim my prize.  Just go to this post to see the list of eBooks and let Mr. Pagel know which one you want.  It's super-easy and did I mention FREE?  And no strings attached.  Plus you'll be doing me a favor as then Mr. Pagel won't have to keep reminding me.  So that's like win-win-win.

Tomorrow is another Two-Fer Tuesday that I guarantee to be 1000000% more interesting than last week's.


  1. I have my order in for two books from Mr. Pagel but haven't received them yet. Maybe I need to remind him.

  2. fun contest! Not sure how good I'll do with superhero lore. I tend to forget everything but the tight suits:)

  3. Superman!

    Just practicing. Great idea.

  4. That's nice of you to pay-it-forward using your winnings. This is a good idea.

  5. Stephen: I know about the two books. Because of the way the blog prizes go I'm waiting on paying off the prizes I owe.

    PT: Dear Sir: It has come to our attention that you, the party of the first part, have been engaging in copyright-violating trivia contests begun by our client, the party of the second part [insert legalese here; look up something good and threatening sounding, perhaps that one case your professor kept mentioning but you never read it because class is for suckers and the only school that matters is Hard Knocks U.]... you owe our client $1 MILLION DOLLARS!

  6. Super heroes! My second greatest knowledge pool after Star Wars. Awesome!

    Not that I'll answer first, but, still...



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