Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Scarlet Knight Vs...

The Internet loves debating that age-old question of "who would win in a fight".  So I thought I'd have my hero toss her helmet into the ring.

But first it'd probably help to know what powers the Scarlet Knight possesses.  Quite a few really because they've had 4,000 years roughly to add all sorts of bells and whistles--not literally.

  • The red armor is resistant to anything except magical (or holy) weapons.
  • The armor also augments her strength and speed, not to the level of Superman or anything, but much more than a normal person.
  • The cape lets her turn invisible except to cameras or those who are "pure of heart" which is mostly small children.
  • The boots let her jump long distances, though she can't leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • When she jumps the cape can be used as a parachute to slow her descent.
  • The Sword of Justice she carries can cut through any material from this planet and this dimension.
  • She can also throw the Sword of Justice and guide it with her mind.
  • The helmet's visor allows her to see in the dark.
  • The gloves allow her to climb up walls or other things without falling.
  • And though it's not really important in combat, the gloves allow her to open any normal lock, but not laser or computerized ones.
As if that's enough, she's also super-smart all on her own.  But she can't fly.  I mean we've got to draw the line somewhere.  I think that makes a pretty formidable package, don't you think?

Here's some superhero match-ups then:

Scarlet Knight vs. Wonder Woman:
Wonder Woman has a magic lasso, but my hero has a magic sword.  And really look at that costume.  What's going to protect her from a sword, those giant boobs?  Well, maybe.  But my hero has a set of armor that protects her from rope burn, so there.

Scarlet Knight vs. Batman:
OK, look at that list up there and see all the cool stuff my hero can do.  What's Batman got?  Batarangs?  Shark repellent?  And he may be smart, but she's smarter.  She's a certified genius, not some millionaire playboy.  I think it's pretty obvious who would win then.  You can substitute any other non-powered heroes and it'd be the same.  I mean Iron Man or any of that, what do they have?  Not much.

Scarlet Knight vs. Spider-Man:
They're both good at climbing, though I imagine Spidey would be a little better.  And he can swing by webs which she can't.  So he's got the edge in agility.  Still, though, webs against a sword?  They might be sticky, but eventually she could cut through them.

Scarlet Knight vs. Thor:
This is a good match-up since Thor's hammer is magical and thus could hurt her.  I think she might have an edge in agility, though.  It's too close to call.

Scarlet Knight vs. Wolverine:
Adamantium claws are nifty, but I'm pretty sure they don't qualify as magical or holy.  So maybe they'd scratch her paint a little.  Now maybe if he got them blessed by a priest.  The only hitch would be that he can regenerate.  So can she with the armor on, though probably not at the same rate.  So maybe she'd have to chop him into itty bitty pieces and see if he could regenerate then.

Scarlet Knight vs. the Hulk
The Hulk is really strong, so he could definitely throw our hero around and give her some nasty bruises.  Still, her sword can cut through anything from this planet and I'm pretty sure the Hulk is from this planet.  See where I'm going with that?

Scarlet Knight vs. Superman
The problem for my hero in this case is that Superman is an alien.  Which means he's not from this planet and thus the Sword of Justice would be pretty useless.  And since he's stronger and faster, a fistfight would be pretty one-sided.  So he's got the edge there.

Obviously there are tons more superheroes out there.  I think by now you can figure out for yourself who'd win those match-ups.  And feel free in the comments to say, "Nuh-uh..." to any of the ones I've listed here.  That's the whole point of the Internet (other than porn and cat stuff) isn't it?


  1. Scarlet Knight vs. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman has the belt of Hercules, the speed of Hermes, and the crown of Hippolyta. And she also has the sword of Hephaestus. I think Wonder Woman could take the Scarlet Knight.

    As for batman, she'd own him.

    As for Spider-Man, she'd own him too.

    Thor...hmmm, you've got me wondering here. If Thor got her down, he could lay the hammer on her chest and she wouldn't be able to move. However, there's also the chance that she could be worthy to wield the hammer which would be bad for's too close to call.

    Wolverine has bone claws, not adamantite ones. The adamantite was pulled out of his body years ago by Magneto. But his regeneration is completely off the scale now...basically, the adamantite was making it so that his regeneration was about a third as it should normally be. I'm gonna call this matchup a draw as she would be impervious to the claws but couldn't harm him.

    Hulk: His regeneration is even wilder than wolverines. She could cut him but it would instantly heal up. I think this would be a draw.

    Superman: The Sword of Justice would own Superman. He may be an alien, but his two weaknesses are kryptonite and magic. It would go the same as it did when Wonder Woman faced Superman. He bled all over the place and she kicked his ass. Look at the comic book Kingdom Come and see for yourself.

    1. I probably should have looked these up on Wikipedia or something instead of just relying from what I remember from movies and/or Superfriends.

  2. The thing about some of these heroes, especially the DC ones, is that they're more than just their appearances. Wonder Woman is a consummate warrior. Is Scarlet Knight? Batman can figure out anyone's weakness and exploit it. Weaponry is not the only factor in determining the winner in a fight. If it were, the Yankees would always win. The intangibles are always the key factor. (That's kind of the point of Men in Black 3, in case you were wondering, and needed another example.)

    1. Well then I guess she couldn't defeat Tim Tebow. His intangibles are off the charts!

  3. PT, Michael makes great points. Here's my take. Wonder Woman <= Scarlet Justice. Superman > Scarlet Justice. Batman < Scarlet Justice. Spider-Man < Scarlet Justice. Hulk <= Scarlet Justice. Wolverine => Scarlet Justice. She's pretty powerful!
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  4. As with most super hero fights, the winner is always the character whose title the fight is occurring in. Spider-Man did, once, knock the Hulk unconscious.

  5. Scarlet Knight, Holy Knight, no contest, your superhero beats them all. Well, maybe not much chance again Gumby and Pokey...

  6. I'm with Andrew here, I think Robin would beat the Scarlet Knight if she popped up in his comic. I remember that Marvel vs DC showdown from the 90's (I think) and they let the public vote who would determine the winners. I thought that was just stupid.

    Anyway, glad to know you've not made her too godlike. Superman in vulnerable to magic too. If her sword is magic then she might have a chance.



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