Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Wants to Be a Five Dollaraire?

If you want to make a cool $5 or $1 for doing relatively little, Wednesday is once again your chance with Superhero Trivia #2.  Wednesday morning at noon EST I'll post a trivia question that somehow relates to superhero lore because that's what my book deals with in case you haven't realized by now. 

  • The first person to answer correctly wins a $5 gift card from Amazon.*
  • For everyone else, I will select one person using a random number generator to win a $1 gift card from Amazon.*

Cutoff for entering is 11:59pm EST on Wednesday.  Results will be announced Thursday.

*In order to receive the gift card you must have a valid Email or Facebook account to send it to.  I'm not mailing you a card for $5 or $1, OK? 

Also, the Andrew Leon Rule is in effect, which means the winner last month is not eligible to win the $5 this month.  (That would be the aforementioned Andrew Leon.)  So your odds are perhaps even better to win the $5 this month!

So clear your schedule on Wednesday at noon EST to win!


  1. PT, I'm in! You can get a lot on Amazon for $5.

  2. Replies
    1. If I were a betting man I would put my money on you taking the $5 since Andrew Leon is out. On the plus side then in July everyone else will have a better chance to win.

  3. Hmm... I suppose I'll be nice and not blurt the answer out. :P

  4. This sounds like a good deal. I'm in. Let me know when you want me to post a review of your upcoming book. I'm gonna give it five stars because I really liked it. That'll help pad you against the trolls who write "This book sucked because I was looking for a world war 2 book about heroes and I read this and it was about some woman in a knight costume. 1-star!"

    1. The "editor" is rereading it so expect another four months of delays.

  5. I know next to nothing about super heroes so I won't be participating, but I still love learning about this topic and this blog is a wealth of information on the subject.

  6. I will have to stop in and see what the question is..not that I know much about super heroes.



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