Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Comic Captions 4: Not Safe for Work!

Comic book people must be some of the most sex-crazed people on Earth.  I mean you ever see those female heroes they draw with like the size 40-DD breasts and waists smaller than Barbie's?  And that most of their costumes look like a roll of dental floss strung over their naughty bits?  Anyway, if you don't believe me, check out this month's Comic Captions from Batman Confidential #18

My turn:
Batgirl: That's a big sack you've got there.
Man: You should see my other one.

Now your turn.  Caption this...if you dare!

Tomorrow I review New 52 Action Comics issues #1-8...


  1. Man: your clothes were done so I pulled them out of the dryer. You shouldn't leave you stuff in there like that. People are waiting.
    Batgirl: I hate laundry day.

  2. Man: I think there's some lube in this bag.
    Batgirl: Oh good. Mine ran out on like the fifth guy, but I'll be good to go in a jiffy.

  3. At work, so I can't pull the image up but these captions sound classic!

  4. Batgirl: You've come to the right place to Trick or Treat.

    Man: I guess that makes ME the "Trick!"

  5. MICHAEL! You perv.

    Rusty took the safe route, I see.

    Here's mine:

    Man: "I guess it's true: the carpet really does match the utility belt."

  6. I'll come back if I think of anything worthwhile.

  7. Sorry, all I see is the couple doing the nasty in the background.



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